Struggling with Sal in TVHM

So what I’m gathering is, if either health or shield falls, Inconceivable’s chance rises, toward 50% at 5/5 for some value of shield or health lower than full. Sound about right?

It’s no wonder that RR is shield of choice for Inconceivable/MoneyShot builds, then. To me it’s still a tossup between RR and a strong Adaptive. RR is always down, has a bigger health buff, and has a 20% across-the-board DR. Adaptive usually has a higher DR against one element at a time (only while level is above 0, right?), a lesser health buff. Total HP should be higher with Adaptive, as should single-element DR while shield is up. Though with Sal, I spend most of every fight with shield depleted.

So overall it’s a tossup, but for Sal it’s advantage to RR. Lacking access to a RR, Adaptive is a solid choice.

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Dont worry @Worblehat , your not alone.
Ive shelved Sal for now because I just couldn’t get to grips with him and it was only making me feel frustrated.
I may get round to him again at some point , or I might just accept that he’s not for me (which I doubt because I’m too stubborn).
Hopefully you’ll get there with him though.


Yes, you’re right but I don’t know if we really need to have 0 health or shield to reach that 50% chance. Is there a “scale” (for example, under 500 000 points of shield we have 30% chance to not consume ammo, under 350 000, it rises to 40% chance, etc …) or is it based on a percentage of our health/shield initial value. Percentage seem to me to be the most logical, wise choice.

That’s why I generally prefer to use the Rough Rider, but Evolution and Neogenator are solid choices when fighting Dragons (Pete too ? I guess it depends how you decide to fight him). Furthermore those two shields aren’t really hard to farm so it’s a good thing to have one in the backpack if things go wrong and you want to try something else. An easy shield to get and that provides good survivability is the Flame of the Firehawk but visual interferences due to the novas can make difficult to aim.

Adding to this, 5 Shots or 6, and you are virtually able to gain ammo when firing.


Well, I’m using a stockpile relic and ammo isn’t a big issue. 5SO6 can, if I understand it correctly, end a MS chain. Haven’t invested in it therefore. Though I may. I keep getting downed by Vora during reloads or breaks in gunzerk. I might rather make those reloads fewer. Hmm…

Thanks folks!

The general consensus that I should be favoring Gunlust over Brawn is back towards what I was planning as of the mid-30s (though I didn’t realize how critical Down Not Out is - was more aiming for Money Shot by itself at the time). Then started dying a lot and thought “I need more healing. Healing is in the Brawn tree. I should go towards Brawn!” (plus a lot of people have been talking about Brawn Sals lately). Gunlust for more dps = more healing and less damage taken from killing enemies faster definitely sounds like the proper Borderlands solution though. :slight_smile: And as you say, having FFYL not interrupt gunzerking is fantastic!

Shields - Aequitas was his previous shield back at 41. But it’s substantially smaller than the BH (12k) and I don’t think the absorb chance is high enough to make up for that. Absorb for bullet maps and adaptive elsewhere is my normal practice with all characters in NVHM/TVHM, I just don’t have any between 41 (Aequitas) and 46 (purple Adaptive). I wish I remembered how Axton got through these levels - he didn’t even have that much… (Maya didn’t care, she’s fine with whatever, and of course the BH fit Krieg perfectly). Neogenator - seems great, should be level 47-48 most likely. Though IIRC it becomes available after Sawtooth Cauldron, not before, which is a bit unfortunate.

Sal as a RR user makes more sense than I thought. I wish Krieg hadn’t sold his first three in UVHM once he was done with them. As for right now … it’s near the start of Hammerlock, but still a couple quests in, including a very substantial amount of mobbing in Scylla’s Grove (have to reach Claptrap before Hammerlock will send you to visit Bulwark, because reasons). Maybe doable.

Looking forward to NKLO someday. As you’ve seen in the other thread, I’ve been Krieging a lot and he’s even more into engineering crazy overkill damage to pass on to the next enemy. :smiley:

Steady As She Goes and Hyperion - I’ve enjoyed both. Until UVHM all I can do is use what I have. For whatever reason I’ve only found two quality Hyperion shotguns across six characters (Heartbreaker at 20, purple Development at 39), the rest have been Torgue or Jakobs. Obviously Hyperion pistols are available at 42, 45, 48, and 50 (the latter two being Lady Fists). UVHM will probably be Ravagers since that’s what Krieg keeps finding. But SASG is a point that’s better spent on YKY or Get Some first, so I’ll definitely do that.

Ironically I’ve found 4-5 good Hyperion shotguns across four characters in TPS. Athena has been very happy about that!

The only one in BL2; Jack can do it in TPS.


I find the best shields for Sal are Neogenator/Evolution.

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You’re right it would break your Money Shot chain since it has a chance to add ammo in your mag after a kill. I haven’t really tested it but that sounds logic. I’m only using this skill when I want to spam rocket laucher. With a War Dog COM this is complete chaos. :smiley:

For a more conventional playstyle (pistol, shotgun), I’m relying mainly if not only on Inconceivable to reduce my ammo consumption and this is generally enough. Main issue as you stated is to reload at the right time when fighting bosses like Vorac.

Both don’t work well together due to the reverse recoil, accuracy of the Hyperion weapons.

Ask Krieg if he would give his axe to Sal. :grinning:


Not this time…

I’m really struggling with real life these days. Sorry :frowning:

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No problem, the community jumped in to help out, that’s part of the definition of that word… Hope things go better for you in the future

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Sorry to hear that bud.
Hope you get things worked out :thumbsup:


A slight derail for purely selfish purposes : is the Evo better than the Neo ( all things being equal )?

I have a rather good Neo and haven’t used an Evo in what seems like years.

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I use a Neo purely because it’s less effort to get, and haven’t had any situations where i’ve thought “I should get an Evo” as far as I can tell, the Evo has more capacity but the Neo recharges faster, I think that’s about it.


Both shields with Maliwan body, Maliwan battery and a Hyperion capacitator : same increase in health points and same elemental damage resistance, the only difference is about their standard shield values.


Hu … so it was really adressed to me … How that bad to give a complementary answer ?

FWIW, I just prefer Evo. The roughly 1/3 chance of it dropping from Hyperius is better, IMO, than the regular assigned drop rate from Spycho. Even if Hyperius is a longer kill, repeating Spycho takes time just to get there from the FT. Still usually a quicker farm per attempt, but nonetheless a better drop rate from Hyperius (if I understand correctly, there’s a virtually 100% chance for UVHM raids to drop one assigned Seraph item; Hyp has three to choose from, and it seems random which one you get).


Since @DeputyChuck has already responded(I hope you’re doing well Dadzerker) :innocent:

I’ll throw this little gem your way… :wink:

When you have the time, the vid is rather long. I’d recommend viewing the vid with Derch and Chuck. it’s very thorough and helpful.


I watched the first half of that last week. Good info, and with two of the game’s best.

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Thanks folks, Sal looks to be back on track.

A run through Thousand Cuts resulted in an OK blue Absorb shield from Brick’s red chest (and a crappy green adaptive if I need it). My respec wasn’t quite as you guys suggested. I did set up Gunlust down to Down Not Out as suggested (love that skill, I totally agree that it’s a top priority in TVHM!). But I figured since I’ll have Money Shot, why not set up Rampage as a baby Deputy setup? The elegant brokenness of the Deputy build is what most appeals to me about Sal, after all. :slight_smile: And the Striker is a good gun for that build.

It took a bit of adjustment to get used to the dps gun being in the left hand, but it worked out very well. Opportunity completed, no deaths, some FFYLs but with DNO getting back up was quick and easy, and most importantly didn’t break Gunzerking. The few difficult patches were the result of not having enough points in Get Some and YKY, which a few more levels will fix.

I am familiar with Derch’s skill tree videos - watched those back in January, I think. Good stuff!


I’m sure you know this but just in case : you can switch mouse buttons through the “Gameplay” options. I had to.

And that’s awesome to hear you’re on track!

Yeah, I had to do that very early in Sal’s career. But I’ve been used to slag=left, dps=right all this time, now I’m shifting to slag=right, dps=left. Probably best that I’m making this shift at a time when the Rubi is still close to current level and does decent damage in its own right. :slight_smile:

And I’m seeing what you’ve been saying about how satisfying Jakobs Money Shot crits can be!