STTUTERING GAME please help me

Guys, good morning, i play borderlands 3 in lenovo ideapad 320 the settings bellow:

8 gb ram
intel core i5 7200u with 2.50 ghz up to 2.7 ghz
Nvidia geforce 940 mx with 2 gb
Hd 1 tb

the game is stuttering, especially when I face enemies, anyone have this problem too? anyone can help me? I looked at several solutions on the internet and none worked

Moved you to the right section. It would help if you could list what you’ve already tried for this issue.

I have a slightly better computer, 970, i5-4690k @ 3.5, and I’m getting the same issues as well as ten minute load times. I just think the game won’t run for us anymore

i sad for this, i love all games of borderlands, i play with sttutering. i tried these solutionses and none worked:
Increase Performance in Borderlands 3 (2020 Tips) (

Going on rough benchmarking, your CPU is a bit slower than my old CPU (I built a new PC with a new CPU less than two weeks ago):

The i5-3570K is also the minimum recommended CPU to play the game with. The stuttering is unlikely to go away - I had it the entire time I played BL3 (from release) with my i5-3570K.

The game seems more CPU-bound than GPU (though it uses both evenly according to my own PC tests recently, if there’s no bottleneck on either component). 8GB RAM is a bit on the low side (BL3 can easily use 6 to 8GB by itself - again, 6GB is the recommended minimum). Your GPU also looks below minimum spec as well.

tl;dr: stuttering is a sign of hardware bottlenecking, and most / all of your laptop components are either very close to the minimum specs for this game, or beneath them.