Stuart98's Homeworld1R Post-Patch In-Progress Campaign Feedback Thread

I’ll post any comments I have on the new campaign here as I progress.

Mission 1 - That second collector needs to be in the NIS.
Why was corvette drive moved to Mission 2? It doesn’t really matter, but it seems a little weird.
Resource collectors hyperspace now rather than dock with mothership at mission end. Alright?

Mission 2 - Resource collectors still exit from the mothership at mission start. That’s weird, given that they hyperspaced at end of last mission.
Sphere formation guard didn’t surround the sal-cap. I am disappoint.
Turanic corvettes are way too easy to capture. 13 free ships.
EDIT: Wall formation is a diamond instead of a wall for some reason. Not sure if it really affects gameplay, but it is a little weird.

Mission 3 - The dynamic difficulty scaling (dds) still needs to be turned down or capped here. Ended previous mission with two repair corvettes, four salcaps, 9 heavy corvettes, 13 turanic corvettes, and 10 scouts and got attacked by about 9 Taiidan frigates. As repair corvettes launch last, made it impossible to grab all six trays. That shouldn’t happen. Restarted after retiring all combat corvettes and only got two frigates, which is kinda ridiculous.
EDIT1: Counter-productively, if you send in the scouts before all frigs start attacking the cryotrays, the frigates ignore the scouts completely.
EDIT2: The first frigate captured isn’t added to your fleet. That’s good and how it’s supposed to be. The next few also aren’t however, when they should be.

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Why don’t you use the already existing thread that was specifically created for feedback ?

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Because I’ll be posting this as I go along and I want it all together in one easily found place.

Mission 4 - No Bentusi bugs. Hooray.
I attempted for ■■■■■ and giggles to kill the exchange. They took a ton of damage and didn’t do nearly enough. Their beams missed a bit. Ultimately five repair corvettes were able to do enough repair to the mothership that my corvettes could kill it. That shouldn’t happen.
EDIT1: Did I say no Bentusi bugs? Scratch that. Reloaded from save, Bentusi didn’t give dialogue after purchasing ion cannons.
The military parade still has Turanic and Taiidan units lining up on the sides rather than with the rest of the fleets. It’s terribly space inefficient.
EDIT2: I didn’t get the resource controller dialogue until I clicked hyperspace at the end of the mission. Weird. Controller was built in mission 3.

Mission 5 - Holy crap this mission was hard. Lost everything, interceptors chewed through corvettes and dessies through frigates. Relied on mothership to destroy fighters while using sal-caps to capture remaining two dessies.
Resource collectors are effected by dynamic difficulty scaling. That’s just silly.
Turanic Standard Corvettes can’t be repaired. Fix plz.
Taiidan Dessie guns are still bugged, clip into the turret portion of the model when aimed up.
Recolor bug: Taiidan dessie turrets are Taiidan, but rest of dessie is my colors.

Mission 6 - Lost a collector to an asteroid. Why.

You could edit your first post as you write more notes