Stuck after loading into multiplayer

I can find a game and load in most of the way fine but after I start loading in, I can see the terrain but I can not move at all. I can talk in chat but that’s it. Anyone else having this problem?

It looks like I’m loading into the world, but my character isnt. Whenever I load into someones game, it says character pending and I cant see my body or move. I have tried deleting save files and verifying game files. I’ve tried different graphics settings as well. I’ve even turned off my firewall all together.

So it looks like I am partially loading into the game but my character still reads ‘‘character pending’’.

I’ve updated graphics drivers and tried port forward without success.

This a similar a problem to one on Xbox. I can activate my menu but nothing outside of it. On xbox we have reload the whole game because even going to title doesn’t fix it.

This is insane. There has been no answer from support either. It just sits there in the game at the load in point without a character and the person hosting has to kick me out unless the game freezes at which point i have to shut it down with task manager.

Where is technical support in the forums? I still have not recieved any help from submitting a ticket. What is wrong with this company?

Still unable to play any multiplayer. I load into the game of another person and the game proceeds like normal only it looks like I am stuck under the world or inside the world and can not move or use the menu.

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I’m wondering why it keeps saying character pending while trying to load into someones game. I dont lose my character save. I even tried that fix just in case and started a new character. I forwarded all the correct ports as well. Very irritating.

So I have gotten a new modem and forwarded the ports again. The ports are recognized as open. My ISP has made sure that I have a public IP and that no one else with their service has called in about it. They even say they themselves use their service to play BL3.

Anyways, It wont even find people now. Would love some technical support.

May 2020. Still no reply from any of the staff in this thread. I’m starting to think everyone in Gearbox has quit or something. Since… You know, the CEO scandal. Took me days to get into one session through matchmaking and all I get is the Character Pending bug. Great job guys. I wish my friends aren’t as busy. I’m just trying to kill time playing with randoms in Proving Grounds when my friends are offline. They can’t even do this one thing right.