Stuck at M3, need some advices

Hey there,

Since like a month, i’m stuck at M3.
M3 is really easy, enemies have no chance to take me down and I can eradicate them in less than 3 seconds.

BUT, in M4, it’s not the same deal.
It takes me way more time to kill them, even a simple enemy and I can’t go farm on dlc (both for the moment).
At the same time, it’s really easy for me to farm on the Vaultward, and (a bit difficult) on the General Traunt, both in M4.
Impossible for me to go in M5 or more.

This is my skilltree:

ss (2020-06-17 at 06.04.45)

ss (2020-06-17 at 06.05.45)

ss (2020-06-17 at 06.06.56)

ss (2020-06-17 at 06.07.42)

My shield is a Stop-Gap,
mod is a Lucky Executor,
and my artifact is a Loaded Dice with shield recharge rate and weapon accuracy.

I’m really bad to make a good build , and I know my gear will hurt you’re eyes. But if you can give me some advices on which gear I should focus and farm, things I should try to improve my skilltree/gameplay, … it would be awesome.

Thank you for reading.

Run barrier and sntl. If u have dlc one get a seein dead com, a redistributior with 100% cryo sntl,sandhawk with 100% cryo sntl or 300% weapon damage to enemies over 90% health. A plaugebearer with cryo sntl or 300/90. Basically anything with 100% cryo sntl works great or as back up anything with the 300/90 annoitment


If you are on PC, add me and Ill hook you up with some M10 SNTNL Cryo gear and a good Seeing Dead com to get you rolling.

As for skill tree go on YouTube and look for a barrier sntl build.
Are you on xbox? I could help you with some weapons.
As for shield stop gap or transformer with 50% bonus element on action skill end.
Artifacts maybe go for a pearl or inflatable knowledge from dlc2 or a snowdrift victory rush with weapon damage or boost to whatever weapon you are using

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Look up Chain Zane build and get an Electric Banjo artifact from the Psychobillies in Ambermire.

Another recommendation - go farm Gigamind for a Hellshock. Do this at M6 if you can. He will drop other useful gear as well. Look for a Krakatoa.
Gigamind is an easy place to farm at levels higher than you can do with mobs.
This will help you get higher level capable weapons.

You could also try this:

Centered around popping your clone over and over to gain permanent access to your kill skills and “On Action Skill End”-Anoints.

Use ASE anoints on your grenade and shield.
Pay attention to your mayhem mods if you try higher mayhem, they may make your experience way worse.
Try to go M6, equip a transformer and farm a monarch from Killavolt. With that, you should be able to have an easier farm for Reflux and Kaoson.

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Thank you, but I don’t want to get free boost gear.
It’s more satisfying to famr my own stuff.

Still, thank you so much !


I’m gonna go for farm a Seein dead really soon, then.
Thank you for all your advices !
It’ll help me so much.



I completely understand. :+1:


Hi there, also running Zane.

  • COM “Seeing dead” is really a great boost. If you don’t own the DLC, ask around for trade. Running Seeing dead is way simpler with an “Electric banjo” artefact to proc it. If you don’t want to use Seeing dead, you may try to spec into the skill “Calm, cool, collected”, to reset action skills cooldowns.
  • your Star Helix is wrong. Having a radioactive one with 100% cryo annointment would improve your damage by a lot. You may farm it from Power troopers at Atlas HQ. M6 Killavolt on Promethea drops “Monarch” AR, which is even better ; the fight is way easier if you wear a “Transformer” shield, as most of boss attacks will heal you.
  • fire and electricity are way higher on “Hellfire” Maliwan pistols. It may also allow you to farm M6 Captain Traunt until you get a full-auto “Kaoson” smg.
  • Skills “Violent violence” and “Confident competence” would increase damage. “Brainfreeze” with an “Ice breaker” artifact works great if you don’t need “Electric banjo”.
  • Maxing out speed bonuses above M4 doesn’t really help. You can’t run full speed when you need at least 2 full loads of AR to kill mobs, you can withdraw from that.
  • The Barrier itself, even when not investing points into its tree, gives a 25% damage bonus, stops any projectile sent front of you, and can be carried. Pair that with a “Back ham” shield, and you just have to care your sides. No need for stop-gap, even at M6 or above. The skills “Futility belt” and “Really expensive jacket” can also greatly improve your survivability.
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Thank you for you advices ! It seems very clear to me.

What kind of skill tree should I go for this ?
Shield & STNL ?

Thank you again !

Which tree to focus on is up to you, and what you expect from action skills.

  • Using Clone, above M4, he is only worth if you go down his tree up to “Double barrel”. That’s 26 skill points you have to sink there, and it limits your options.

  • Using Barrier and/or Drone, you get all options from 15 points in each tree. “Distributed denial” is not a stellar skill, unless you want to carry other people, and “Seein red” is redundant with a “Seeing dead” COM, so you don’t need to go so far in those trees.

This is how I spend points using Drone and Barrier:
(Drone = Bad dose + Static field / Barrier = Charged relay + Redistribution)

You may look around for optimized builds if you want to use Clone, I wouldn’t be great advice.