Stuck at "Stop bomb launch"...what can I do?

Playing DLC 3 tonight and running thru BloodSun Canyon on the story mission “Where it all started”, right before Quartermaster and the doors will not open. You know the spot, where Rose watches you from the bubble window right outside Quartermasters fight. I clear the area of enemies and she just chills there and the doors won’t open. I have tried save and quitting and reloading the map to no avail. Should i restart my game totally? It is really going to erk me if i cannot complete the DLC because of this.

Best way would be to join the game of someone who is about to start that mission. If not that can you split screen with an alternate account character?

I hate playing Co Op but i guess i can try the alternate account thing.
This sucks so much man.

I really hope that this is not the case. If it is, then I am done with BL3. There are plenty of annoying bugs, but if I can’t finish the DLC without playing co-op, then it is time to move on.

Nah, after i booted up my game the next day, everything was fine. I started from the beginning of the map and went to it. Problem solved.

I just experienced this too. Hopefully Gearbox fixes this issue. I will try restarting my game. Rose is just staring at me through the glass…taunting me with her eyes.

I found a way around this. I was playing in mayhem mode 5 when this happened. After spending a few hours trying to do my own research on this bug, and not finding any thing that worked, I figured out my own workaround. I dropped my mayhem mode down to level 1. After that I restarted my game in order for it to take affect properly. Rose disappeared, and the doors were unlocked. And as soon as I got through the doors I reset my mayhem level back to 5, and continued my game.

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