Stuck between first character being Moze or Fl4k

Just as I finally decided I was going Moze for my first run…this video came out by Joltzdude139 showing another Fl4k end game build lvl 31:

I love the idea of having Iron Bear tank the bosses while dealing tons of damage, but my major concern was how that would scale late game in comparison to legendary weapons.

But the video made me rethink if I should go Fl4k instead because of how strong damage that the Torgue Shotgun (multiple sticky explosives that can proc crit damage) did with “Megavore” skill
-Critical Hit Chance: +20% to any part of the enemy

Both seem extremely powerful, fl4k seems good for chaos. Moze seems like the new Gunzerker


The way that I understand it from what I have seen, its pretty much Zero as Fl4k for the crits with a mix of Gaige for the pet. Right?

As for Moze, I don’t understand the correlation between her and Salvador. It’s just me for being low IQ to understand :confounded:

Tanking and blasting with paired weapons. It seems a simple correlation to make.