Stuck in Claptrap DLC on PC

Hey guys (will TL;DR),
So I had Borderlands 2 on the 360 and loved so I got TPS on PC. Everything was going great until I got to the point where I had built the constructor bot and was about to head back to help Handsome Jack vs. the lost Legion but the Claptrap DLC started without me realizing what I was doing.

So now I am stuck as a level 21 Wilhelm trying to retrieve the last part of the bridge and a lvl 30 Bad-ass Bat Bot (I think it’s called that) is kicking my ass constantly. I managed to get through it so far using Wolf to wear down any enemies I ran into. I’ve died so much and I’m getting fed up with the game. I really don’t want to start out as a lvl 1 again. So could anyone help me get through this? or at least tell me how to get back out of the DLC. I tried matchmaking but couldn’t find a game! My steam name is TheFlyingMoose.

TL;DR: Stuck in Claptrap DLC on PC trying to kill level 30 badasses with level 20 guns, struggling hard and need help.

Thanks for any help or replies.

Can’t you just save and quit and then return to the game to be returned next to the fast travel station?

So that’s the only way out? I tried looking for TheFlyingMoose but it’s not a unique name, it seems. I’ll send you a PM with my steam name. You can give me a holler if we are online at the same time. I can come stand about in Concordia for a while, should get you out of there.

Can’t you fast travel out?