Stuck in claptrap loading screen for 9 MONTHS

I’m going straight to the point, buy the game on launch day and it freezes on the loading screen: “Well”, i said, “Its launch day, they’ll probably fix it this week”. first month: not fixed.
second month: not fixed.
and so until this month of May, 9 MONTHS since the game’s launch; I got tired and asked for a 2k assistance ticket, the boy who attended me took 8 days to tell me and I quote: "Apologies about the delay and thank you for your patience!

Based on your DxDiag it appears that your Graphics Card, Processor, and Memory are below the minimum required specifics for Borderlands 3. Take care. "
I understand that i play on a laptop and that it does not meet the minimum requirements, but at least let me enter the main menu before giving an answer like this, the closest I was to playing the game was the logo screen before the start menu. Heck, I don’t even know what the main menu looks like.
Please do not leave me blank, I want to play the game and I will do whatever it takes to make it work, so please give me an answer and I will thank you deeply


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Unfortunately I think you already know the problem and I would suspect, the bottom line on it. It looks like the support desk has asked you to submit a DX Diag and told you what the problem is.

A system that has all the major components reporting below min requirements is never going to be able to run the game I’m afraid and as it’s a laptop, upgrading would be expensive if it’s even possible.

The game loads a lot of stuff even before it gets to the menu screen and is probably reporting as it should, running out of resources to support the game = lockup.

It’s a square peg in a round hole situation I’m afraid with the only solutions being to replace the laptop or get a console.

Sorry I can’t be more positive but in this case there is nowhere to go.

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i tested the game on launch day and it worked fine in dx12
later afetr some updates it got stuck in the claptrap loading screen or after as it said - shader optimization.

after soem tries it asked me to reset to dx11.
i could switch to dx11 and it started - i played 360 hours since.

i have a amd vega 64 grafics card - not a laptop, it wont work in dx12 but i did not try since.

The answer is to bring your hardware level to at least the minimum specifcation.

If you don’t have enough RAM (either system or video) then it won’t load completely.

The claptrap running across the screen is the game loading into memory. If it doesn’t have space to put all of it…it won’t finish loading…and the claptrap animation will not stop till it finishes.

With laptops, typically the ram is also shared so you need to be above and beyond the minimum specs to actually get it to play.

It’s the same principle as “you need to be this tall to go on the ride” at an amusement park. If you don’t fit the height requirement, you won’t fit the safety gear and it will injure you.

If you don’t have the hardware specs, the game CANNOT function correctly.

Actually, it’s the shader initialization which apparently generates a fair amount of temp data. GBX uses a LOT of different shaders for the dynamic lighting and shadows effects in-game. One problem apparently is if there’s corrupt data in the folder already - someone reported clearing it out manually then restarting got them past it.

I think this is also where DX11/DX12 issues start to manifest, which basically means manually tweaking the config file.

But limited RAM of any type could well trip up the shader initialization…

And what is initialization?

…yup, loading into memory… if whatever you need to load into memory is larger than the available allocation ( presuming there are checks against virtializing it to disk) then the 'initialization ’ cannot complete its run.

This is some poor schmuck with a low tier laptop. Jury-rigging his equipment to make it work is going to be an exercise in futility with diminishing returns.

New releases are not intended to perform on legacy hardware that couldn’t even run new titles when the hardware was released.

Granted, this is all conjecture. My attempt was to be as simple and straightforward as I could be with the OP without introducing unnecessary variables.