Stuck in claptrap's mind!

I just bought The Handsome Pack and after about 4 hours of play I was searching through my available missions and the Platform 13 1/2 option came up. I went to it and now I am am stuck in the DLC of Claptrap’s mind at a level 8 with no way to get out of it. Is there something I am not seeing that will let me get back to the normal game? Or have a completely screwed up and will have to start over from the beginning? I can only go back to where there are four portals to get back to platform 13 1/2 but there is no option to travel back.

either go into multiplayer and join a randos game and save out and you should be in the map they were in to get out.

do the same with a friend

continue to the next fast travel

may be other ways im not thinking of at the moment

I am sure there is a fast travel there you may have to search for it, check the map or ask a friend to get you out If you need help I am diogenes49 on steam

i presumed he entered clappy’s head and started the sim.

didn’t think about that

hmmm sounds like he may need a friend


If I can get out of this with multiplayer then I will try that. Stand by. lol

How do I join/let somebody else join my game if I am in single player mode??

exit to menu

When I go to the menu and go to find games it says none found

I believe you need to set your Network option to “public” as far as having others being able to join you, as for joining someone else you’ll need to exit to menu like @shaolincfh said then choose “matchmaking”.

oh then there is no one at your level hosting atm. that sucks.

So basically I’m screwed until a low level is hosting?

can you continue with the story to the next fast travel

Go kill pigs in the forest until ~lvl50 (basically yes, you are out of luck. I suggest trying to find someone here on the forums to arrange a “rescue”)

No I can get to a certain point and the enemy AI kills me within seconds… about halfway to my next waypoint.

wait for a host or wait for rescue, what platform?

I can’t go anywhere but the one level I am on in Claptraps mind.

there isnt a fast travel where you came in? what map are you stuck in?

There is a fast travel at the very beginning but it won’t let me get back to it.