Stuck in Eridium Blight

Since my earlier post I have progressed well in the game. However I am now thinking of giving up. I seem to be trapped in the Eridium Blight section of mission Toil and Trouble. All I do is drive around only to find all ways out are blocked. I cannot even get close to the mission objective point. I keep re- spawning at Ore Canyon. I am fast running out of cash as every route seems to be blocked. Is there a way out? I have looked at various online walk-through’s but none are anywhere near where I am stuck. Help.


How far along exactly? Main flow is:

  • enter Blight
  • drive to bridge to Arid Badlands
  • turn around and go to Sawtooth
  • finally get across bridge
  • FT to Blight and go to Heroes Pass

Here’s a map courtesy of Count Karloff:

Fastest way to the south side of the map, where the bridge is, is to go from the fast travel, get a vehicle, turn right to where the cannon is on the top of a wall on the right. Kill that, and drive up to the door. It will open up. Follow the road to the bridge on the right.

You don’t even need to kill the canon, just drive straight onto the pad in front of the door, and go as soon as the door opens. It takes a while for the turret to start up and target you, but you can easily absorb the few hits you’ll get. If I read the OP correctly, though, they were stuck at the exit to Ore Chasm and needed to head back out the other way? Should still be doable - just drive up to the same door and it should open, then go through and peel hard left to the FT/Catch-a-ride.