Stuck in matchmaking forever

I would really love to play this game, as i pre-ordered it with every intention of doing so, but I seem to be stuck in matchmaking forever, whether it be for story or for pvp.

It searches for a long time without finding anyone and if it does find one player it might stay there for a while then say player left due to connection error. Any help? i was finding games in the beta and I have had no problems connecting with other games to matches. I put a picture of that my game looks like at 20 min in.

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Not sure what region you are in, but I have heard about other that are in the EU having the same issue.
Supposedly, changing your Steam Download region to the US will get you into matches.

Hope this helps.

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this fixed it man! thank you!

Glad to hear it!!!


$60 bucks for a queue simulator or play with 200 ping…