Stuck in Pyroclast Grotto (Iwajira) with no geyser

I made the ‘mistake’ of jumping down the hole to Pyroclast Grotto without realizing that I had already killed Iwajira. Since there’s no geyser present, there appears to be no way out.

I tried joining the game from another machine (so I could teleport me away), but that just crashes the new machine.

Sadly, I was building Money is Power, and got up to 775. Be nice to not lose that, but suspect I have no choice. Please let me know if there’s any hope.

Additionally, so I can hopefully avoid this mistake in the future, does anyone know:

  • Does Iwajira respawn after some amount of time if you don’t save/quit?
  • Any way to tell from up top if the area is reset?

One thing that comes to mind, is to always kill him when he’s close to the hole, so that loot can be spotted from above. Other ideas welcome though.

I’m surprised the geyser isn’t still active. The only two ways out are to save/quit (or save/join another game) or suicide. I’m guessing you lose your stacks either way.

Once you fast-travel away to another area, that kills the geyser (but doesn’t reset the Iwajira spawn). So if you return before the spawn (timer?) is reset, you’re screwed.