Stuck in Santuary since tonight?

I don’t know if the update is the reason why, but now i’m stuck in Santuary. I’m at chapter 8 and I need to use the traveler to continue but the only location I can go is …Sanctuary where I am. Same problem for every others side quest missions, sanctuary is the only option.

Only me with this problem?

Just finished a session on XB1 with the new hotfix and didn’t have that particular issue, although if you check the various tech support forums it has come up before. Did you try a full restart of your game? Also, what platform are you on.

On PC, already tried a game restart but the problem still here

So no locations other than Sacntuary accessible in the echo map when you hit galaxy view? What about if you go to the bridge console?

Didn’t know this option before but thanks it works, i see every locations. But annoying to not see all the locations in the traveler as usual.

Thanks again!