Stuck in the Anvil map

Hello. I was exploring the Anvil map and I find myself stuck in the Hammerbloque (screen) and now I can’t escape this place because all the doors are closed and I can’t reach the top of the bridge (the way in).
Futhermore, there is a save point in this place so when I restart the game, I’m still stuck inside. Can you help me get out of here please ? I can’t play anymore because of this.

An you not fast travel to Sanctuary3

I can’t, no fast travel here. I finally get out by crounching down again and again.

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I am now stuck in the same room, I can’t get out of the locked room and can’t get the crouch trick to work. Has anyone else found a way out??

Basically the way that i got out is that i took the fourth opening on the small bridge. I jumped and crouched and ended walking in the small hole

Or just fast travel - you don’t to be a fast travel station to do that, you can do that from everywhere.

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