Stuck in the Beginning of Claptrap's DLC

This is my first time playing the pre-sequel so I went exploring, i’m playing on PS4 and went to 13 1/2 deck without realizing what it was, now i’m stuck because i’m only level 6 and have no clue how to get out, anyone able to assist either in game or explain how I can get out and back onto the main story?

Can’t you use the same fast travel you used to get there?

had that issue myself before, there is a fast travel a little way ahead after you get past some enemies and stuff, good luck, all enemies are 30 and above, its hard, but if you run thru real fast and use ure action skill, you just might make it after a few deaths. Good luck
I was using jack so had my doubles as decoys

maybe try joining an online game, then when you reload your character you’ll be in a different place.

milkz12 has even better idea if you coop

I’ve since resolved my problem, I did try the online thing, didn’t work. Had to run all the way and try to not die to find the first fast travel spot. Wish there was one at the beginning to prevent this from happening.