Stuck in The Cortex?

Hello, it’s been a few days since I last played TPS and now that I got back to it would seem like I’ve reached the Cortex. There’s a little problem though: I spawned in southern most room and I’m fairly sure I’m not supposed to be there. It seems like Shadow-trap is there with me as is the H-source. Nothing I can do with either of them. My mission tells me to “defeat shadow-traps minions” out in the arena but I can’t get out of the room. There’s a jump pad and a computer I can interact with but which does nothing?

I’m pretty sure I should have spawned in the norhern most point where the exit to Subconcius is. How in the blazes can I get my character out of here (and how is something like this even possible…)?

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Update on the situation: I got a friend to join my game and travel out so I could get back into the game. That was the only legit solution I could come up with.

Still, if anyone has any insight as to what caused this I’d be interested in hearing about it. I hadn’t even entered the arena so I hadn’t been anywhere near the New-U that spawned me and I’ve never had a BL game spawn me in a wrong location when entering the game.

might not be the same , but I think it may be. Similar has happened to me. Joined a friends game who was ahead of me in the storyline, he lost connection to the internet and when I started my game I was stuck in the area of his game with no way out.
To get out of an area like that, you need to join another friends game (in the same play mode N, T, or U), fast travel to Concordia, save and quit, then when you open your own game that’s where you start

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Since this happened to me again I’ll just res this thread in case anyone else runs into this. It looks like this happens if you quit once you enter Cortex for the first time in the story. I did that last time and I did so yesterday and both times I ended up in Shadowtraps room when I started the game. The solution is actually very simple: save and quit out and then come back and on the second go you’ll be at the entrance instead of being stuck in the room.


Thank you so much man, I’m litteraly sitting in this room as I type this <3

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Man just happened to me in 2018 I was really about to restart my playthrough :scream:
Thank you for running into this problem and solving it ! I had no idea what to even search for whilst googling this problem . :muscle:

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