Stuck in the Nexus lvl 7

first time I have played boarderlands, playing the pre-sequel and I have wondered into the nexus. I’m lvl 6, everything is lvl 30. Already died 50 times.

Please how do I get out ?

You either have to…

run through the enemies to the fast travel … gotta get lucky.

find another game to join, then they can get you to another area in a number of ways.

uninstall the DLC, and restart the game, should put you back in the Wasteland.

Or at level 6 it might just be easier to start over with a new character. Man, that DLC fast travel issue needs to get fixed!

or you can have an escort join your game. What system are you on? easiest is probably to just practice dodging and run through to the fast travel near sys admin.
slightly better picture now. but this is the escape route i would use

Hello .

I just joined a online game and made sure it saved and bingo I was out of the nexus (phew).

Thanks for all the advice !

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