Stuck in the "press any key" screen

Hello everyone!
I just downloaded borderlands 3 the second time cause i was hoping that it would solve my problem if i reinstall the game. well… it did not. After starting the game the screen appears in which i have to press any key. but whenever i do that there is a message that my settings could not be saved and i can choose to try it again or not. when I press yes the same message appears again and again and when I press no I am just stuck in the press any key screen… Does anyone have the same issue or a solution? would appreciate if you help me!

Sounds like one of the problems outlined in this thread:

Windows anti-ransomware, antivrus software, or OneDrive remapping of your games folder are the top culprits for what you describe.

Yes you were right. they had the same problem in this thread. But now i followed every step but still i cant change the folder to not be read only… any idea how i can solve that? i did change the security steeings so that i am the owner etc.

Something must be re-setting it or blocking. Do you have admin permissions on your normal sign-in account on your computer?

Yes I do

Any 3rd party antivirus you didn’t check? If you look at the full path name to the file, is it on the drive and location you expect or has something ‘hijacked’ the file by remapping your ~user path?