Stuck in Welcome to Helios mission after powerleveling

Every time i use a second controler to powerlevel one of my characters, that character gets put back on the welcome to Helios mission, which you cant get out of unless you start another character and run through the whole beginning missions.
Is there any way to keep this from happening

Complete the mission as far as landing on Elpis before power-levelling the character?

Mission is all ready complete. It sends the character i leveled up back to Helios. With no way out.

Put the character that’s powerleveling in the mode that your powerleveled character is at… Go to deck 13.5 have your powerleveled character join their game… Exit with your powerleveled character and then he’ll start in deck 13.5 with the fast gravel station next to them… Happy vault hunting

Ill have to try that.

All I do is save and quit from Welcome to Helios, then immediately start the game again and it puts me back at the same spot I was originally at before. I’m on PS3.