Stuck inside claptrap dlc. can not access any fast travel

so i finished the first playthough an instead of carrying on with pt2 from the start when i got to deadlift i got a bit stuck so figured id go check out the claptrap dlc an see if i can level up a bit get some better gear etc. i check the vendors to see if its my level an the vendors scaled to my level( im 28 but shops had stuff at 26) so i carry on through the dlc on tvhm an i get the the first enemies. they are all level 39-41 and impossible for me to kill. the only fast travel i can access requires i kill these enemies. i tried going back an i can only go as far as deck 13/1/2 but the paet you get digistructed into it. there is no other fast travel around so it seems my character is now stuck in this dlc unable to kill anything an progress.

can someone tell me how i can go back an actually play the main campaign now please as im getting annoyed wandering around deck 13.5 not being able to find a fast travel

why is the game designed this way i notice so many areas or levels have their fast travel randomly placed thats hard to get makes no sense an now it seems my character is forever stuck in a dlc thats to high level for me to even get anyway in.
if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated. i never had this issue before as there was always an accessible fast travel station i could reach in bl2.

thanks in advance if anyone can help me get out of this dlc. i think i may be able to change playthrough an then hopefully when i go back into tvhm il be at a the same place i was before. i remember i could do that in bl2/bl1 the game would start you int he same area you were in your last playthrough. il try it an see what happens but it may jus spawn me in deck 13.5 on pt1 instead.

I was also stuck like this, all you have to do is join a matchmaking game and make sure the game saves in any area, then when you continue your single player game you will start from that point instead of the claptrap dlc.

ok thanks, but if i cant get online them im screwed?

There is something else you can do, if you run fast past all the guys there is a fast travel station not that far into the dlc, It didnt work for me as i was a much lower level. Luckily i was able to matchmake. Hopefully this helps