Stuck on Blood Drive Story Mission

Hey All,

I just defeated the 2nd Vault and warped back to sanctuary and when I head to the bridge, I can hear the audio being played but it sounds like there should be a movie clip to go with it? Once the message is over, lilth and the younger girl are just staring up and nothing else happens. No quest directions come up or waypoint.


Def search here, many others have had video playback issues & with this mission (& others)

Possible fix, make sure Win10 is fully updated. If not Win10, seriously wtfnot?

I searched but unfortunately wasn’t able to find my exact scenario sadly.

Win10 have and fully updated.

I had a similar issue on one of the very first missions where I had to watch a screen but nothing came up. Had to install the latest Media Feature pack for Win10

Ah crap, you already did the fix I was remembering. Can you reinstall that package again??? It does seem video playback related.

Sorry no real help

Honestly not sure how to reinstall the package.