Stuck on claptrap screen pls help

I am having a problem loading the BL3. I keep getting stuck on the claptrap dance screen. Originally PreferredGraphicsAPI was set to DX11 (which always froze) switched to DX12 now claptrap screen loads forever. Waited probably about 5-10 mins before closing out of game and retrying. Any help would be appreciated:)


By the looks of things you need to switch back to dx11. There’s a thread about that in this section, but basically you can either delete your settings file for BL3 so it reverts to defaults, or edit the one line in it.

I have tried switching it to 11 but it just freezes on that screen. Would reinstalling be worthwhile?

Are you using an ultrawide monitor by any chance?

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Having the same issue, I pre downloaded the game, then i switched to DX12, it wouldn’t work, it just kept repeating the claptrap loading screen. Task manager said the program wasn’t responding either. I uninstalled, reinstalled hoping that would fix it but nope. My user settings file is blank and the fix going around has done nothing for me.

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Yes I am

Try changing the setting mentioned here:

If that doesn’t work, a clean reinstall so it fully reverts to default settings wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I will try this. Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Tried uninstalling. It changed DX to 12 (loaded infinitely) changed it to 11 and it froze during the claptrap dance screen. Maybe my best option would be to get a refund and buy on console

having the same problems if u find anything out let me know


When Claptrap appears my PC auto shutsdown.
It completely dies.
I tried updating bios, clean install of amd drivers, turning off AV, verifying the game in epic launcher.
I’ve sent in a ticket to gearbox support.

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Where is the graphics option located?

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Sorry - can’t check right now, but it should be off one of the main game menus.

Oh, well I can’t get into the game, and if you’re talking about Epic Games, I can’t find it there.

You should be able to edit the .ini settings to achieve the same thing.

This is why I don’t game on PC. I know it has many, many positives, but if this stuff happened to me I’d be lost, I can just about create a spreadsheet on a PC, that’s my level of I.T knowledge.
Should have paid more attention in IT class instead of drawing wonky angled boobs on MS paint.

Hope you get it sorted, must absolutely suck waiting to play a game and then it won’t even load up for you.

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This is happening to a sizable chunk of the people posting here. (Myself included. I haven’t gotten to step foot in bl3.)

I am one that has this issue with dx11


Same problem as me – I’ve seen many posts suggesting me to change it from DX12 to DX11, but it was already on DX11 to begin with. I switched to DX12 to see what would happen and got another bad result.

Here’s how this works for me: on DX11, I freeze on Claptrap dancing – and on DX12, Claptrap dances in an infinite loop. People have suggested sitting through the dancing, but after waiting 30 minutes (yes, I counted and it was awful), I got another bad result.

I hope Gearbox can fix this problem themselves within the next 24 hours or so, 'cause if not, I’ll probably just have to refund it since it was a struggle persuading my poor family to buy this for me anyway.

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Have you submitted a support ticket for this issue? If not, please do so.

yeah man exact same problem in the process of fixing and refunding rn epic takes forever to respond though so im just hoping to figure out a fix before they respond

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