Stuck on cloud syncing - Feb 2020

Recently I tried to play Borderlands 3 on Geforce Now and ran into a hanging Cloud Syncing thing and I thought it was just a problem with Geforce Now so I didn’t think much of it and didn’t play on Geforce Now.

Prior to this, pulling from the cloud saves worked perfectly fine. Now I have not been able to pull my cloud save because of the Cloud Sync Conflict. It’s been hanging for a very long time now and I’ve tried this on a fresh windows install and even on MacOS.

When looking up problems on this, all problems came from September 2019 but I have not been able to find anything recent.

The only thing I know about GeForce Now is that they had some titles pulled from their catalogue. I don’t think BL3 was one of them, but it might be worth checking. If that isn’t it, you’ll need to submit a support ticket here: