Stuck on Creating Online Session

Can’t load the game at this point. I am hoping the problem is on the server side.

I’d say server end - it took a long time to load for me about 2 hours ago for the same reason. Seems ok now.

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I’ll give it a try once I am done with work.

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There was a SHIFT maintenance outage announced earlier today with a 6-hour window; it was probably that.


Have the same problem now. Any ideas to solve this?
Found a Downgrade Patch for Steam version, but it’s not working on EGS one. Maybe there’s anything similiar?

(Posted the same thing here: Borderlands 2 suddenly getting stuck creating session or updating session)

Experiencing the same issue. I’m specifically having the loop that says “Creating online session, please wait…” anytime I try to select an online mode. According to SHIFT’s most recent Twitter post from 6 hours ago as of 1:47am 1/21/21 (link below), they’re aware of the issue and they’re working on it. Hopefully in the morning or afternoon it’ll be fixed.

I’m having the same problem.
Creating session loop and never connecting.
I created a ticket but answers hasn’t been useful.

More than a week after their tweet and no news?

Im having this issue now…any tips?

Hi all, I had the same problem, only I was sharing the connection with my phone because I didn’t have a livebox yet so when I received my box I reinstalled borderlands 2 and then it worked. I think this problem comes from your router. I just tell you how my problem was solved so I don’t know if it could be something else. So i pray for you :slight_smile:

im still having the same issue of infinite creating online session loop