Stuck on Director's Cut mission

Mysteriouslier: Ghosts of Karass Canyon

Got to Beef boss. He is defeated but falls over the edge into the water. I can’t “listen” to him talk. The door to his chest is open, but no head. I restart.

He’s back, he talks and finishes his part. Now door won’t open, still need to Find Francis’ Head. Restarted but nothing has changed. Can’t finish the mission.

Not sure what else I can do.


i have the exactly same problem but i am playing in pc, i cant continue the story because i need find francis head and the door is not opening so i am stuck

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I did a ticket wth 2k about it. I might try and join someone else as they do the mission and see if I can compete it

I’m having the same problem. I save quit during claptraps dialogue and now he wont open the door


Claptrap never opened the door for me

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I played the mission with my Zane with a friend, neither of us had even started it prior. It skipped straight to that same part somehow like our remembered where I got stuck on moze. Now neither of us can finish it. This mission is driving me nuts.

I did a ticket about it and got an automated email saying they are closed from 12-24-2020 to 1-6-2021… wtf I guess they don’t care

I got a reply to reinstall my game, as if that would change my game save.

I’m having the same problem. When I go into the final room, nobody is there, just claptrap and he won’t open the door. Tried it alone and with friends, same result every time. I even reloaded the game on a new PC fresh and didn’t make any difference.

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Same. CL4P-TP won’t open the door. Do I really need to start a new game to try and complete it? GEARBOX YOU SHOULD LET US RESTART/DO CAMPAIGNS!!!

Same problem. I did not get the boss dialog where he opens the back room. He just jumped into the grinder. Claptrap will not open the door. Tried leaving the mission and doing other stuff. Went back and exactly the same as boss does not re-spawn unlike all the minions. Cannot proceed in these or subsequent missions without Claptrap opening the door. :cry:

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Same problem on ps4, maybe I try to finish it on split screen.