Stuck on Director's Cut mission

Mysteriouslier: Ghosts of Karass Canyon

Got to Beef boss. He is defeated but falls over the edge into the water. I can’t “listen” to him talk. The door to his chest is open, but no head. I restart.

He’s back, he talks and finishes his part. Now door won’t open, still need to Find Francis’ Head. Restarted but nothing has changed. Can’t finish the mission.

Not sure what else I can do.

i have the exactly same problem but i am playing in pc, i cant continue the story because i need find francis head and the door is not opening so i am stuck

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I did a ticket wth 2k about it. I might try and join someone else as they do the mission and see if I can compete it

I’m having the same problem. I save quit during claptraps dialogue and now he wont open the door


Claptrap never opened the door for me

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I played the mission with my Zane with a friend, neither of us had even started it prior. It skipped straight to that same part somehow like our remembered where I got stuck on moze. Now neither of us can finish it. This mission is driving me nuts.

I did a ticket about it and got an automated email saying they are closed from 12-24-2020 to 1-6-2021… wtf I guess they don’t care

I got a reply to reinstall my game, as if that would change my game save.

I’m having the same problem. When I go into the final room, nobody is there, just claptrap and he won’t open the door. Tried it alone and with friends, same result every time. I even reloaded the game on a new PC fresh and didn’t make any difference.