Stuck on "End of Line" mission

My friends & I are stuck on a part of the End of Line mission in Subconcsious. We have “Follow Claptrap’s Consciousness” checked and need to “Retrieve H-Source” (unchecked).

We are standing outside the VaultHunter.exe “building” and… nothing. Claptrap’s consciousness says he’s “got nothing” when trying to talk and there appear to be no buttons or triggers in sight.

What are we supposed to do in/with the room with the floating hexagonal platforms? Did we miss a step?


Claptrap should have sent you on a mission to get his hope and self esteem.

There should be a way point … then a jump.

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We followed the first part of the mission where we killed Despair & Self-Loathing (in a big room with spawn doors labeled Hope & Self-Esteem). Went back to Claptrap’s consciousness and that’s where we’re stuck. There are no waypoints on our maps.

That should have done it.

You should have a way point on clappy himself and be able to give him his hope and self esteem, at which point he opens the door.

I dunno.

You did actually kill despair and self-loathing, then exit through the open middle door, yes? I ask, because I’ve had them just disappear and I had to save/quit to get out and go back to actually kill them.

That is all I got. I guess it may have bugged on ya.

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Yeah, we killed them as a group (and have even gone in individually since & killed them again) then exited the center door.

The first time we went back to Clap’s consciousness he opened the door to the room with the floating hexagonal platforms. But nothing was in that room even that first time. No buttons, no markers, nothing to “do” next. shrug

If you go in then there should be a cut-scene “movie” of Jack putting the vaulthunter.exe into clappy.

Do you have movies disabled? That may make it glitch.

Other than that, there should just be a big hole to jump down.

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Movies disabled? I hadn’t even considered that. I’ll have to look.

No holes to jump in - we’ve all tried jumping off a platform, but it’s just darkness & death.

It’s not a movie though, it’s an in-game scripted event and disabling cutscenes won’t have an affect on it. If you didn’t trigger the event before quitting and saving, maybe something that triggers the event before the sub-subconscious opens up became FUBAR in your characters save.

You may have to play that mission with someone else to get passed that part.

Yep, but I thought maybe it’d be worth trying.

lol yeah this game is seriously fickle and buggy, it may work!

I don’t see any enable/disable options for videos on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Next thing I’m going to try is simply bringing a new second player into the game and see if anything changes…

I haven’t seen any new info on this broken mission. My group of friends has stopped playing TPS altogether, as we cannot complete the DLC. Disappointing that we paid for an expansion that we don’t get to finish…

Come on Gearbox…

It’s been awhile and I haven’t seen any new information, but I thought I’d ask if anyone has figured out any kind of fix in the meantime. I’ve started playing TPS again and would love to finish the DLC.