Stuck on Find holotape

Hello busy doing the quest “The Case of Wainwright Jakobs” found the second holotape its checked but next event isnt showing up and i kinda cant do anything. their is no next event on the map or happening at the “holotape player”

Tried restarting the game,
Reloading into the zone.

IIRC that is where you have to look around for the three glowing heads in the area to activate it. They are not mapped because you have to find them. They are all fairly near.

There will be three busts that are glowing reddish color IIRC.

Sorry if I am thinking of the wrong quest.

Hope this helps.

I will look into it, it’s weird no additional info is to be found. Might have missed a dialogue. Maybe…

Yes, first time I was there I missed it because I was exploding mobs and didn’t hear or pay attention to some of the dialog.

Now I am curious so please lemme know if it works out.

Just checked for any glowing heads. Couldn’t find them… Guess I’ll just be stuck there and reset all missions or something since I cannot undo this quest.

You have to shoot the busts as pointed out so you can open the chest. I think the dialogue telling you this comes after you first locate the chest, which is in the corner of the same room as the body that starts the mission sequence. IIRC you should see a green glowing button on an adjacent pedestal, but the locks on the chest are glowing red; shooting the busts unlocks them. The busts are all visible (in some cases just barely) from the room all this is in.

Watched some YouTube videos about that quest with every video it continues after picking up the holotape mine didn’t I just resetted the storyline and started over let’s hope it won’t happen again.