Stuck on "find troy" in the great vault mission

So I dropped down the ledge to get to troy, and I got the find troy marker but nothing happens now. I can’t find any way to trigger the actual boss fight and I’m stuck on this. Is there any work around? I’m in a fresh first playthrough with moze. The cutscene never triggered and I’m just stuck down there while the two are charging each other


I have the same problem. I ran into this during my tvhm run

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Did you find any solution?

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I am having the same issue. I don’t want to restart all my progress just because of some glitch. If anybody finds any form of solution i’d greatly appreciate it. I tried simple methods but everytime i go in. it to says that i already finished my objective but no cutscene.

Luckily, I backup my save file and the old one was only one mission behind so I swapped them out and tried again and the bug never happened and I was able to fight troy. But not everyone is able to do that so this is still a big issue and a complete progression blocker for people.

I was able to find other people who had the same issue, and what solved it for them was to use discord or whatever LFG you can find and find someone on the same mission and to join them, make sure they are host and do the mission with them. That fixed it for other people. Other than that, and my method of a backed up save file, I don’t know of any other solutions.

They need to fix this now

Yea I actually have a friend playing on xbox who sent me a message asking about this late last night, he’s having the same progression blocker bug. He’s trying to matchmake into someone else’s mission or LFG it but he can’t find anyone and he’s literally stuck and can’t progress in the story now.

Im also stuck at this exact point. The ‘Find Troy’ box is checked, but once in the Great Vault, the twins are just floating there, charging, and won’t move forward at all.


I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried everything I can think of without any success. Hopefully, they fix it soon. I’d like to complete TVHM sometime soon.

I ended up doing the online matchmaking campaign deal and completed it on there. It wasn’t ideal but it worked.

I’m playing on Mac OS and ended up having the same issue and even if I completed it multiple time online nothing happened

Myself and my boyfriend had zero issues playthrough 1. He had no issues tvhm, and never anytime he farmed. I on the other hand, did not complete playthrough 2 back in Oct-Sept, and recently came back to finish tvhm. Tonight, it appears the bug is still there. I can’t do anything. The “find troy” box is checked, no cut scene, he’s drawing pwr from tyrene. No matter where I go on the screen or the concrete in front of him, all I can do is kill rakk. It’s upsetting this bug is still here 5.5 months later. This is a main story bug that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Yesterday I was playing in THVM m10. When I come to Find Troy mission, mission did a check but do nothing after it. BTW, it almost a year later (July 29, 2020) we are still talking about this glitch/bug?!? Unbelievable.
If anyone have a certain solution, please help me/us/everyone/even Gearbox game DEVs. Thank you.
Edit: After hours and hours trying to find anorther session to jump further of mission, I finally found one. Now, I was able to continue my main story 'till “FALLOW TYPHON” (checked) gets stuck at in front of a door. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Man, this game is really massive failure.