Stuck on level 34

no level progress seems stuck about halfway on level 34

Can you provide more info?

Have you beat the game/story?
If so, choose either TVHM or Mayhem Mode 1 to make everything level to you

Ok re-read your post & sounds like you are killing guys / doing missions but still no EXP gain. If so, dunno :man_shrugging: sorry. Try starting a new character, reboot PC (yup still valid troubleshooting)

thanks for the reply, done everything you suggested, just frustrating to not be able to use items that are a level above 34.

Also, I’m at the point in the story that I fight Troy, don’t know if it’s possible to defeat him if I’m not higher level, cause I’m not a elite player.

I should add a signature line that stats:

Anyhow, perhaps try switching modes from Normal/Easy, then play a bit and switch back and also switch mode from Cooperative/competitive (gear menu on Menu screen), and then play a bit and switch back

(Hope Something Helps)

Many thanks for the suggestion to play on easy, solved the problem.

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Have fun in the wastelands, oh and ClapTrap was wondering if you found his missing antenna :paperclip: