Stuck on loading screen after fast travel

I have tried fast traveling to the Unassuming Docks 3 times now, and each time I try and do so I get stuck on an infinite loading screen and have to close out the game. This has also resulted in me losing 2 gold keys, because it just didnt save after I used them and put the items in the bank, which are now gone. Help?

Also, I have the digital edition that I got with PS Plus this month.

It sounds like corrupted or missing game data on your hard drive could be the culprit. I would suggest you remove the local game files (NOT the save files!) and then re-download them. I would also highly recommend making backup copies of your save files and the profile.bin file that resides with them on an external drive or USB stick.

You can also Rebuild Database. It happens to me today in the Haderax arena, but after restart it was ok.

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