Stuck on OP 4 )':

Hello everyone, i’m really trying here, but i’m stuck on op4 for bl2, i’m using a sniper Zer0 build but it’s not doing the trick, any tips for me? that’ll really help me out, and if any kind soul is willing to help me on this i’ll really apreciate, i play on PS4 my online ID is:SV_RoXas
Thank you

A bit more info would make giving tips more easy.

What enemy spawn / area seems to be giving you problems?
What gear are you using?
Even though you did say you are a sniper build could you go into a bit more detail and show it to us with this
Put your skills in and then just copy the url and post it here.

Also, did someone flag this by accident? Seems like a genuine question to me.

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Got flagged to be moved to the appropriate section, but the system didn’t clear that properly. I just learned how to fix that! :nerd_face:

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I’m with @Lammas on this, could use more info. But just want to drop this always helpful resource.

This clip is very informative!