Stuck on sanctuary - no fast travel locations

Hi, i’m on the step where i need to go to lectra city. Travelled to sanctuary to drop some stuff in the vault and now i cant go anywhere else. In the fast travel option, Sanctuary is the only place shown, so i just keep going in a loop. tried restarting the game and it didnt help. Any ideas?


Can you go down to the dropship area, is there an exit there?


man, you are a life saver. i had not though about this, was able to get back on the planet using the drop pod exit.

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Press the back button, click “Y” on orbit view, press “Y” again on galaxy view and move the cursor over the planet you want to go, press “A” to view the planet and finally the place you want to travel to will appear, that’s the only way I got it to work. It’s basically warframe or destiny fast travelling.


I did the same dang thing. Rebooted a couple times and had a “really, why didn’t you think of that” moment…

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One of the new things in the game is going off world so it’s not just pandora anymore that could be why the fast travel is different.

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Worst fast travel system, why make it so ■■■■■■■ cryptic


You’re a life saver.

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I’m so glad I searched for this being stuck on sanctuary and I spent all my cash on the slots :joy:


No, I cannot use the drop ship or the fast travel. It seems the only way I can get to the ground is by joining someone else’s game. But as soon as I leave their game Im transported back to sanctuary where I am trapped on that ship.


Try using x when you are on the map and using fast travel if you are on pc. it will bring you to the world maps and let you pick the place you want. i had the same problem and this works for me.


I did local Co-op recently and when I got back on it dropped me in the last location I was on when I had done co-op, but now I can’t fast travel. In galaxy view all the planets list the current location I’m on. For now I’m stuck on Pandora.

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Go to the bridge and use the console with the holographic planets (Lilith makes you use this to travel to planets) and re select the planet you want. I had this same problem. Went into co op and then when I came back to solo play I was trapped on either pandora or sanctuary but using that wormhole console thingy fixed it.


I couldn’t even fast travel to Sanctuary. Luckily I found that because I had co-oped with my wife on her low level profile instead of mine, the game for some reason erased my fast travel progress and matched it with hers. Basically when that happens you have to play with another player of around the same level and then it lets to got to Sanctuary. From there I’ve been traveling to each planet re-discovering each fast travel post.


Can you go to the bridge, fly to a different planet and see if the drop ship shows up? That seems to work for me.

What is the drop ship and where can I find it?

Do this: Enter the fast travel station on sanctuary then press X for Orbital View, press X again for Galaxy View. You can then choose the planet, from there choose the location on the planet and hold down E to fast travel. All of this is on PC.

Can they make this any more cryptic? I swear I’ve had to Google how to do things far too often and I’m only a level 11.


When you were trapped on Pandora, how did you get out of it? I’ve tried co-oping with my husband who is having the same problem. I also went to the galaxy view of the map and tried to choose another planet, but all it shows for each planet is Pandora. We’ve also tried restarting the game 6-7 times.

I’ve beaten the game and I logged on to play this morning. Suddenly, I can only see Pandora, Prometheus and Athenus. The game now thinks I havent discovered the fast travel locations anywhere on the other planets, and the same is happening in some places on Pandora. Is there anything I can do other than go to every single fast travel station again?


There is a bug with the fast travel where if you join a lower level player you lose all of your fast travel locations. A temp fix is to join a player your own level. But those will go away. You have to rediscover everything to make it permanent… I’m a level 30 beast master, and I joined a level 5 game to show a friend my main character. I lost every fast travel location and planet.

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