Stuck on ship at level 14 right before laser tag a

Hello so yea in completely stuck on the ship it’s a super bummer to waiste of time and a character but was wondering if u could please fix my problem thank you

Spent two hour just trying to figure out what to do restarted it and everything

You can’t use the fast travel system from the map? Going to orbit view, promethea, meridian Metroplex should help you leave

I’ve ran back and for to travel to all the planets and still when I use fast travel only has sanctuary as the only place to go and just take me to the same fast travel beacon and no other missions on the ship I’m gonna have a friend Invite me to any other lobby soon see if he can pull me out

I’m 9 hours in I really hope it’s not waisted :confused:

As the other user said, it sounds like you need to pull the map out one level by going to “orbit” view. Default key on PC is “X” if I remember correctly. Also, the first time you go to a new planet you have to take the pod down from the cargo bay. If you just left Pandora for the first time you have to go through a dialog quest first.

If you’ve already gotten past that point then perhaps try giving more details about your problem, including what your current main quest step is.

More than likely though it’s an issue of navigating the map and/or completing the current main quest step.

If it’s PS4 then it’s triangle, and I’m assuming the Y button on Xbox1

Thank u guys ! I had someone come in and use my teleporter because I had no triangle option j now do so if this happens another account has to come in and use there maps to teleport u out thank u guys agin