Stuck on starting splash screen

Is anyone else having a completely broken experience? The game “launches” to showing a splash screen of the 4 characters and just sits there. Never moving onwards.

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Try verifying the files on the little gear icon in your library. It worked for me. Then just avoid dx12 settings for now.

Might have to change the cfg file to reflect DX11.

im having same problem

So the only thing working for me right now is starting the game as soon as I can when the pc boots up. Not sure why it’s still doing this though.

go to task manager and end the borderlands 3 task and try to relaunch

I have the same issue, always runs the second time, no idea why


same here. first time I launch it hangs on the splash screen. cntl shif escape to open task manager, close it. Open it again and it runs fine.

same issue. starting the game. can see splash screnn. it just stuck. open task manager to end task. after first launch it starts immediately.

Just wanted to add that I have been having the exact same problem. I’m definitely in DX 11 mode already, and have verified my files from the Epic Launcher twice, and I still have to shut the game down from Task Manager the first time I load it, every time. And every time, it works perfectly the second time. Would love to see a fix!


mine doesnt show in the task manager that its even running so i cant shut it off. the only option is to restart pc and it still wont work coming back in. config files says im in dx11.

Are you viewing the details tab in task manager? Some Windows old hats like me default there.

Regardless: chiming in as another one with this weird bug. Easy to work around for the technically literate though.

Just bumping as another player with this problem. I note that it only seems to happen on Windows 7 (for me, at least) - I did an upgrade to Windows 10 (which I had to uninstall for unrelated hardware reasons) and I didn’t have the problem, it would start up fine every time.

Have been talking to Epic about this for the past few days then they went silent. They requested my files and what i did as you guys have done to make the game work. Then i even sent them this link from the official forums showing them that i wasn’t the only one have this funny problem.
After that they went silent on me.
I am beginning to think that Epic is a complete joke when they do Pc support of any kind. To me that is a big embarrassment to themselves and to there customers. A funny problem like this should be fixed and communicated about to people that are having issues with it. But no such thing with Epic, no such deal. Just jumping thru hoops and more headaches and more crap. Fix this Epic or GB. I don’t care. A stupid bug like this is annoying and it shows that Epic is lazy to address anything right except giving cash to GB and making it hard for the Pc gamer to play a game right.

Update on the reverifing bug.

Well been in contact with 2K and they say they are unable to fix the issue. Go figure. All that stuff i had to do and they come up with “we are unable to fix the issue that your having” stuff.

So Epic is next in line and they told me that my ticket was on a higher tier and again had to resend my launch files to them once again. I also sent this forum page to show them that i wasn’t the only one having issues with this weird crazy bug. Hopefully it will open there eyes but we shall see. 2K was no help but maybe Epic can solve this bug. If they don’t then its going to be stupid reverifing the files everytime i play when i shut down the night or vice versa.
I shake my head about the PC support this game has gotten. It is a let down and should be an embarrassment to GB and Epic games.

I get the frustration it wont launch for me at all, but its not really an Epic issue its a GB issue, i mean if it were happening on steam would you blame valve? epic didnt make the game GB did.

Same for me. Killing the game in Task Manager does not help

Update. The game started in ~5 mins. Could be network related issue ?

Is there a fix for this its so annoying!!!

I have noticed when the game doesn’t launch, in task manager you see two borderland processes

Borderlands 3 and Borderlands ® 3 and these are both listed under “Background Processes”

When the game launches correctly you will see both processes listed under “Apps” as a sub to Epic Launcher, you then see Borderlands 3 moves to background processes and Borderlands ® 3 remains under “Apps”

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Still have it here too. I am so used to it by now, and just decided to check to see if it was anyone else. Specially since my PC is a bit over 6 months old.

New PC build 2020. Not a single issue with any program ran, until Borderlands 3 presented this ‘SoS’ Stuck on Splash issue. I’m sending out an SOS here, should this really be an issue on the back-burner for 6 months?!