Stuck on starting splash screen

I fixed the issue by disabling the cloud game save backups for BL3 in the Epic Games launcher. Once I did that, I never once got the issue.

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I have it and I have verified files. I have to quit steam and relaunch then it works :frowning:

We’re one year after its release and this problem is still NOT solved !!!

I tried 5 times today, to no avail !!! I got the game on EGS.

Nvr had this issue at realease but, it started yesterday and now everytime i boot the game i have to use taskmaster to end task on startup splash and then it just works. rebooting and verifying gamefiles through steam didnt work for me… any fixes?

I have the same problem and can’t get it resolved. I do know how to fix it though (at least for me). When the splash screen freezes hit ctrl + alt + delete and launch the Task Manager. Find Borderlands 3 in the processes and End Task. You should be able to launch the game afterwards without the splash screen freezing.

Just going to add my name to this list as it’s annoying & been going on far too long.
Bug :
Gets Stuck on flash screen on game start, not always but nearly every time.
Crude fix to play game:
CTRL+ALT+DEL, to bring up task manager & then close the 2nd Borderlands 3 process, then launch the game again & it usually works fine.

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it is now may 21 and i have also started to see this problem popping up. I use Steam as a launcher by the way. Hoped that an update would resolve the issues