Stuck on the Portal after the Final Boss [Freeze]

Wazzup my bois and girls.

I managed to kill the final boss and in theory finish the Game.
Well after the final boss is a portal i most go to contuinue with the quest. and allways when i want to go trough it i see the teleport animation and my Game freezes everytime i try it.

Will there be a fix soon? Or does someone already have a fix?

Thanks for the Help!

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I think i am the only one with this issue huh?

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I’m also stuck in a situation like this. After killing a boss I can’t go through the portal. Game locks up seconds after entering on a white screen. 4 game reloads later I’m now searching online for help. :woozy_face:

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Ok… I may have a solution for you. After countless reloads I finally decided to drop the resolution as low as possible and set the quality to very low for everything and… It worked! Made it into the vault! I hope this helps.

Nope doesnt help for me.

Am i really stuck at this point? i tryt everythign i could i allways freeze there. and only at that portal!

Cmon i can’t be the only one.

Well i gues i just have to wait for a patch … cause intill then i can’t play the endgame.

Okay, after i literally changed everything to the lowest setting even possible and switchign the game language from german to english i got trough the portal.