Stuck! UVHM Deadlift is impossible

Hi Guys,

First forum post but I am just banging my head against the wall here!!!
Completed in normal mode with the Baroness and TVHM too,m except the invincible sentinel as she is impossible, even though I’m level 54 with great weapons.
Started UVHM but can I get past Deadlift?!? can i Heck!!! Why do they put such a impossible boss right at the beginning of the game.
No matter what shock weapon I use his shield barely goes down. I lobbed 8 legendary shocks grenades at him and scored 23 critical hit with a shock sniper, his shield went down maybe 25%.
He hits me with his last twice and Im fight for life!
Bare in mind I have a grounded shield at over 13000 and health over 16000.
Any help please? Or anyone wanna jump in and kill him with me?!?
Just so annoying after hours of gameplay I can not progress.


Here’s what I do as any character: Follow him relentlessly. Always be so close to him that you gun is practically jammed up his ass, and keep shooting. I’ve also found that in conjunction with a good Hyperion Shotgun you can annihilate him if you reliably hit.

Not sure what grenade your using but I recommend finding a good tesla, and hitting him HARD with them. Once his shield is down he’s much easier to kill.

He is tough always … but on UVHM very tough … actually has significant health after the shield is gone. And not just him … sometimes the scavs that spawn are as bad or worse than he is. Just gotta get a lucky run sometimes where everyone and their dog is not shooting at you.

My best advice is…

Try to get a Long Nail Sniper … or any decent sniper with moonshine that bypasses shields. The Long Nail sniper does make the fight easier, as they bypass shields, but they are not easy to farm. I got a couple at lvl 48, and I save 'em in the share locker just for this fight.

Get a shock immunity shield.

Get shock transfusion gernades. (I can never get him or other enemies to stay in the tesla fields, so I don’t use those much.)

Get a Moxxie Vibra for your level. You can re-acquire these after you reach lvl 50 over and over again at your level. You are going to need more than this gun for this fight, but it can help.

A high damage/DPS fire weapon may help after his shield is gone, but the vibra works for this pretty well.

Go after him. Hopefully you will eventually get a lucky run that lets you nail him.

Oh, and butt slam him … often … shock would seem to make more sense, but I like cryo Oz kits for this.

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that guy is the worst solo in UVHM and i liiiiike it! what system you playing on? i recommend you get a buddy or 3

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Xbox 360

I have a shock resistant shield and shock transfusion grenades

I have reset my skill tree and built in line with some suggestions on here.

What exactly is I never Miss, i haven’t used it before?! Do these skills require the action skill to be enabled or are they on permanently?

I Never Miss is always on, it does not depend on the action skill, but you have to keep hitting to get stacks. One miss …even shooting barrels counts as a miss … and all your stacks are gone. It adds .7 bonus damage per stack. If you are a good shot you can stack it up before going into Deadlift. I just can’t keep my stacks up (I always miss at some point), so it never really works for me.

When I did Deadlift with my Aurelia on UVHM, it was one of those lucky runs. No scavs spawned and Deadlift just ran from me the whole fight. I just followed him around with my Moxxie Vibra on his backside. When he got to a re-charge station, I butt slammed him until he jumped away again. I don’t think I even went into FFYL once. On the previous TVHM my Aurelia must have died 20 times against him (of course I don’t have my long nail for that fight level). Some of it is just luck on how the AI responds.

BTW, not shock resistant … but rather shock immunity … there is a difference. With immunity, you will still take damage, but not from shock DOTs … which I think the floor shock is all DOTS. Those blue balls are not all DOTS. However, once the shield is depleted the immunity may not apply anymore … not real sure about that.

May I humbly suggesting you to take a look at the aurelia video guide?

Is your gear up to the level? If your guns and grenades are grossly underleveled, the fight is going to be unnecessarily hard.

I didn’t know this until recently: those two huge homing shock orbs that he shoots at you can be shot out of the air (and they’re a fairly easy hit). You do have to stand and face him to do this reliably, but you can do it from a distance and pick him off from relative safety. There is the staircase which provides a little loop to play cat and mouse with, but you have to lure him over there first.

When I need him to die fast, I share one of my best Tesla grenades (nail him a couple of times while he’s lighting up the floor, and it’ll wreck his shield fast). When I’m toying around with him, I try to use something weaker. No doubt though - that dude can be tough.

I just took him down with Nisha in UVHM. It helps that TVHM jumps to Lv 50 the moment you end the storyline. You can farm easily (in TVHM) for Lv-50 gear, and grab a Lv-50 Vibra-Pulse from the endlessly respawning chest at Moxxi’s. (You can farm for a Lv-50 shock Kiss of Death grenade with that chest too.) If you’re lucky, or have previous toons to borrow from, a homing Quasar is awesome against Deadlift. Spam away.

The advice to follow him relentlessly is only good if you are skilled enough to do that without getting blindsided. If you’re not, there’s a stairwell straight ahead from the entrance to his lair. Get on the first jump pad you see, just a bit to the right of the entrance. The cutscene will kick in (the first time you enter) and right after that, you’ll be near the stairs. They offer the best cover, they never get electrified, and you can duck up and down between the 2 floors as needed.


Where is this endless responding chest at Moxxis?
I am a relative new comer to the Borderlands series and am loving it.
Not what I would call a hard core gamer but I enjoy this game a lot.
Just want to try and get one character to level 60 if i can.
My bad ass ranking is low, maybe 7500 but i am not going round looking to complete each challenge, just take them as they come.
Want this Kiss of death grenade mind, sounds awesome.

Moxxie’s chest is available after your complete the fight with Felicity and turn in that AI mission.

Once the chest is available, if you enter Concoridia through Moxxie’s secret entrance it will re-appear. You will need to do save/quit/continue between chest respawns.

After you reach complete the TVHM main mission line and unlock UVHM, the chest will begin to level with your character.

If you are just fighting Deadlift in UVHM, you will need to go back to TVHM mode and grab the stuff out of the chest. Then you can go back to UVHM mode. You can also do some Vending Machine shopping (just hop to each fast travel and quickly check the VM at each) while you are back there … or even farm Iwajira for a while. You won’t lose any progress either place.

To select play thorugh modes, just re-select the character and it will prompt you for the play through mode. Do Not Start A New Game! Along those lines it always a good idea to copy your game saves to another directory for safe keeping every so often (I do this at the end of each day’s play).

Moxxie’s Vibra-Pulse is great, it does decent shock damage, and restores health. The Kiss of Death has a 3.0 second delay, which is not so great, but maybe better than no transfusion gernade. The shield is a booster shield … if one did not have to pick up the booster packs they’d be a lot better deal.

How are you specced? I was having exactly the same issue . Was only using the cold money tree. But changed to huntress/ cold money and he was a piece of cake.

You can deal a lot of damage with the sniper rifle you get in the holodome If you use the shock option in custom loads and then the explosive option.

As you enter his area straight ahead and at the top there is a “snipers nest” you can use to pick him off . It’s s to the right of the chest that’s up top

Thanks guys.
Finally sorted the invincible sentinel in TVHM so thats totally 10000% complete now :smile:
Went and farm Iwarjira for what felt like ever in UVHM and got some good weapons and am now level 56. Thats good for me.
Also got the chest and got a level 50 Moxxi gun and grenade.
Not been back to Deadlift yet, don’t want to burst my bubble lol
Will have to try and find this snipers nest I think.
The highest damage rifle i have is 9500 but its not shock or anything but am guessing if i chose shock when the options come up in zoom mode that will work just as well?
The only long nail I had was level 40 so pointless I think

I got to him in uvhm with my Nisha last night. I was level 51 with a good selection of weapons, but the level 50 vibra was all it took. Well, and spamming some shock transfusion gernades, and I did have a shock immunity shield.

I wound up under the stairs, but I jumped all over the place looking for him. I saw him initially but then lost him. We finally met under the stairs.

i think this is the right idea here, spec into ‘i never miss’ and find yourself a vladof sniper and just spam those crits. a grounded shield helps immensely to avoid those shock dots.

get friend and make em your servant. aurelia doesnt do hard work are you guys nuts? dat contract is AAAAAAAmazing

Finally did it!! Whoop Whoop
Thanks guys, every tip helped!
Shooting the words, finding the sniper nest, the Moxxi gun and he is history!

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The KoD works uniquely. That 3-second fuse is not a delay, but the amount of time it leeches its target before exploding. It attaches itself to whoever (hence, the “kiss” name), sucks on him for 3 seconds, then blows up for further damage. Then the number of health orbs listed on the card float back to you. This is really a single-target grenade, not a normal transfusion at all.

Oh, and while I’m not a fan of the Moxxi’s Slammer shield, if you farm it long enough, you’ll get a grounded version. I’ve gotten an alkaline and a warming too.

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I had no idea it does that! I’ve never used one before!