Stuck with Gear

Hello all. First time posting though I’ve been creeping on these forums for sometime.

I’m trying bring my game up but lately my gear choices feels unsatifying. No matter what build I go with it always seems that I could have picked something better. I mostly main Dragon but I am also sufficient with Galilea, Attikus, Montana, Shaurox, Alani and Miko.
As for my loadouts, if I’m playing meltdown I usually try to run economy (shard generator, wrench, regen). I feel like this build is great for scoring but not much for action, and very weak during late game. If I’m playing incursion sometimes I will go with a shard, regen and a lengendary ( either bolas or SG) but I feel like I’m underpowered by people that run two or more legndaries. If I’m not running that then I might do a low cost max health, regen, attack damage build, but without the shard generator I don’t feel as useful to the team because I can’t buy any buildables and I’m saving my shards for my gear the whole time which makes me feel selfish. I used to run two or more legndaries but I find that WAY too expensive and even more selfish.

What I’m hoping to accomplish with this post is to get some advice from the more experienced players, and some insight into what builds they run for what characters on what game modes. Maybe I have been running the same stuff for too long and I need to switch it up, and I would be very interested to know what is working for other people.

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I like health regen on atti, gali, and Shayne. Damage reduction is a nice add to those as well, and one of the epic DR pieces adds health regen as well. Don’t really play miko so I can’t help there. Alani I use a blue max health, green heal power with healing received bonus seconds after taking damage and green skill damage with extra health after surviving 3 minutes. Dragon idk, hes incredibly tough to use


For Shayne I use a blue max shield with neg reload, a blue damage reduction with additional damage reduction after using a skill and a common shield Regen with neg reload. This will give you a very tanky build that synergises well with all of their defensive helix options and can help compensate for not picking those options if you want to take the higher damage options.

For miko I use blue max health with neg shield, blue attack damage with neg shield, and a blue skill damage with neg shield. Attack damage effects thier heal beam and skill damage effects thier skill heals and poison dot. So you can boost his healing and damage with the same gear. The max health gives some breathing room.

For Alani I always use a common attack speed with neg shield. Faster attacks means faster stacks. Skill damage is great for her also because like miko it boosts heals on skills and I haven’t checked lately but last I heard it boosted damage on her basic attacks (her primary attack is also a part of her passive skill). Cooldown gear is also great for her. Timing is key with her so cooldown provides more opportunities and breathing room.

I’m done typing for the moment. I might add something later. GLHF

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Dragon: Hp+hp when shield breaks, shield-reload and attack power any

Attikus: free shard gen, free sprint speed, damage reduction+damage reduction on skill activation
Just use attikus as a damage-reduced nuke after levelling to 5.

Montana: free sprint speed, attack speed+attack speed on health damage, plain health regen
attack speed improves both base and hailstorm dps

S&A: free shield recharge delay, free shield recharge rate, plain health regen
Use stealth strike to fully regen your godshield

Alani: free max health, attack speed+attack speed on health damage (flawed), skill damage+attack speed
attack speed=obvious, skill dmg increases healing

Miko: free sprint speed, free cooldown, attack damage+attack damage on health damage (flawed)
attack dmg increases healing

sprint speed and health regen most underrated stats by far imo. economy builds overrated, especially now that buildables give less xp

My two cents on overall gear. The specifc loadouts are outdated, but the general points I try to make remain intact.

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I prefer attack damage to attack speed on Montana because attack speed increases heat generation. Damage reduction is very important on Montana and you can get to where you are taking 1/3 of normal damage. Max health and health Regen are great on him also for the same reason.

Personally I prefer movement speed over sprint speed because movement speed is always in effect (even while sprinting) and sprint speed is never in effect while I’m attacking (making up the majority of my time in game with pretty much every character).

Edit: I tested attack damage gear and it has no effect on hailstorm. Making base attack higher than hailstorm damage.

What’s your reasoning for recharge delay on Shayne? You can start recharging whenever you do a skill at 5

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This is what I run for Shaurox at the moment. I’m still experimenting with different gear combinations but for now I’ve found one that I’m comfortable with. I use this for both Meltdown and Incursion:

I run Firmware Update, Scheming “old Fashioned” and Sketchy Easy money for Shayne. Allows you to tank/be very versatile with them and tank well. The juggling of skills is real.

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I enjoy running firmware update on almost anyone. Especially if I’m not very good with them. The more skills the better and even if you miss it can reduce your other cooldowns.

Sprint speed is way better for my playstyle because I am virtually always sprint jumping (while attacking). It is also straight-up better for escaping, pursuing, shard-running, and other stuffz (eg running to help teammates as a support character). I barely notice 5% movespeed but feel super saiyan with 10% sprint speed.

Using attack dmg on Monty is wack because by activating hailstorm you actually reduce your damage (when I tested it, anyway) vs just basic firing. Heat is no problem with Monty anyway imo with all the ice helixes and genning heat faster lets you get to max dps faster from empty/cold.

As a side note, max health is hella inefficient on high base health characters ala Monty and Atty. I agree with dr being good on Monty. I need the health regen because I pre’ much only solo queue and thus don’t have a Miko buttbuddy.

I don’t take that helix. Fleet foot upgrade is amazing (my S&A build is very specific and niche… cbf describing atm) for the way I play S&A, although I think that helix has been nerfed since I last played them so maybe my position would change. Shield recharge delay is also vital to my way of playing them… for more general purposes just sub that for shield cap or something else I guess.

The recharge after skill is way better in my opinion. Her whole kit revolves around her shield. The fleet footed bonus doubles the duration from 2 to 4 seconds. I’m not certain but I think this is actually a debuff to melee damage because you only do half damage without aurux.

I would need to explain my build to justify my decisions about S&A. None of it is standard lol… maybe tomorrow. let’s just say that my playstyle revolves around letting S&A’s shield break

Why would you recommend such a niche build without explanation then?
That sounds like a bad way to play Shayne.

a shield tank whose play style revolves around shield breaking… OH please share this

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Because of Montanas damage reduction he gets better returns on health gear. Max health is also good on boulder and pretty much everyone who is not a tank. I’m not sure about atty I don’t really play him. Monty and atty are very different characters other than thier high health pools. It could be said that health Regen is terrible on high hp characters for the same reason you gave.

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I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure dr (like other stats) applies multiplicatively… I’d be interested in seeing actual calculations about how much health gear vs dr gear increases ttk for Montana… I’m more than happy to be wrong, but I doubt max health beats dr (for similar shard costs)

health regen is suboptimal on Montana… but I don’t have a choice when playing alone.

I will post my ‘alternate’ S&A build in the next few days and link it here… works very well in my experience. my gear advice still applies anyway, just sub shield delay for shield cap or something else entirely

Montanas max health is about 2200 base. Even if you round up to 10% damage reduction you still only get 220 effective hp. I’m not saying it’s bad. I use damage reduction on Montana. I just think you are wrong about max health gear.