Stucked at mission 6 Diamond Shoals

In my first attempt lost a lot of fighters so I reloaded the autosave and started again. Completed it and noticed that I received nothing, no capital ship technology, bentusi arent coming and no objectives.

Fix this please… i dont want to repeat this mission again, very annoying one.

nvm. looks like a bug. also fix the crashes.

I found this reply which explains it a bit:

BTW Im preparing a bug/change report… Guys you could have nailed it more… I hope it gets fixed, this game deserves a lot of love.

This mission is giving me the ■■■■■. What’s the secret to getting through all the meteors?

I have 40 odd ships mostly corvettes and 6 frigates which I through would be a lot for this stage of the game. Anyway I just can’t destroy the meteors quick enough.

You should load a previous save game and prepared for this. The trick is docking inside your mothership and hiding rear it all your fighters and corvettes (try to put them behind it, not spread much). DONT use them at all or they will be ALL slaughtered (I know because I have been there). Then form a single group with your frigates (and your captured destroyer if you have) and keep attacking asteroids in front of your mothership. Have in mind that while they are attacking they will dodge almost all asteroids and if they stop attacking they will stand still and get hit, so the trick is always being attacking. I only lost 2 frigates, having 21.

Also have 4-6 support frigates healing your fleet at all times (frigates and mothership).

The mission is pretty easy done this way, though its pretty boring.

Only 5 missions completed and you have 21 frigates + 6 support frigates? Wow I must be doing something wrong. I even harvest everything on the map before leaving a mission.

Maybe is that I know the game too well XD. I know which enemies are going to spawn and where, so I can assault them and salvage all the enemy ships I can. You should build alway salvage corvettes and salvage everything you can. Some of my frigates were ion array frigates, though I retired them and bought iron frigates because their armor and damage was too low.
Also try to have max heavy corvettes and when you have multi gun, build multigun. Dont rely ever in fighters, its a huge loss of resources… Though my corvettes have been wiped a couple of times too.

But basically is that, salvage everything. I have right now I think that 7 destroyers, 3 missiles destroyers and 3 or 4 cruisers after the mission where you help bentusi. I know its tedious because you have less salvage corvettes than in HW1 and the salvage option doesnt work by drag… But still…

BTW in the next mission to asteroids you have to build max bombers and corvettes. The more you have the better. If you have not many of them the mission is going to be slow and could even wipe.

My issue with this mission was mainly my destroyers. I couldn’t get them to get anywhere near the asteroids. I had 3 captured destroyers and two I built. They just would not come close to the asteroids. They would be far far out to the port side of the mothership. I read in other threads there is some kind of pathing bug? I don’t know but that made it really hard to get through this. I just had a few repair corvettes on repair duty on the mother ship, and it seemed to keep her together while I kill some of the asteroids >_>. It’s really hard to get over my attachment to every one of my ships. In the original HW1, you pretty much had to have everything, and if you lost one ship, you better restart. But on this one, RUs rain from the freakin sky, so its ok to lose ships now lol

Its true the thing about destroyers, I noticed it. My destroyer coulndt reach the asteroids at all. However I didnt need it.

I can’t get past this mission. Every time the cutscene is supposed to come up, everything just fades to black and I hear my mothership keep taking asteroid hits until I fail the mission. It’s getting incredibly frustrating… :unamused:

have you changed your graphics? i changed them in karos graveyard and happened the same, black screen after cinematic. i changed lighting, shadows and damage to enhanced from ON and turned on bloom from off. if you change it back try to reload the end of the last mission.