Stuff added in the past year or so breakdown?

last time I played it was shortly after the new Sanctuary DLC. Stopped following GBX and the game completely. BL3 is too good for my PC, so decided to play BL2 again. Can anyone share if there was stuff added between FfS DLC and now? I read something about Tiny Tina having new content, so what is about that?
I am really interested in anything tbh. Skins, some new weapons, promotions, and whatever.
So, thanks.

Afaik there wasn’t something new for BL2.

The Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep DLC was made available as a stand alone game, so it is its own game that can be played without owning or needing BL2 but it is pretty much the excact same DLC just with some added quality of life changes and altered leveling experience to accomodate the shorter nature.

I can confirm that there was nothing new beyond DLC5 (other than the EGS version, some tweaks to the SHIFT system for PC matchmaking, and a couple of other ports)

It’s important to note that the Standalone version was free on the Epic Game story for a limited time, but charged for on the other platforms, although some people noted being able to get vouchers going towards purchase in the console stores.

The only new things in game have been user-created content, which is generally not discussed on official Gearbox social media platforms.

And the standalone version of the dlc isn’t worth buying because most of the new stuff in it is bugged, and 2k/GBX aren’t gonna hotfix it because they like screwing their fans out of money.