Stuff for Trade, Taking Offers

So, I finally compiled a list of all the stuff I own.
Here it is: Link
Hit me with some offers and I’ll decide as they come. I also have a few random legendaries if you have an odd request.
I’m not opposed to hooking people up too.

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Hey man, I’m not sure what you want, but I’m in need of that redundant face puncher

Gt: The Lemonader

Amara Build, eh? Sure, yeah. Do you have any “On ASE, gain 100% weapon damage” annointed weapons?

Interested in your 125% lucians and the 100% night hawkins. What would you like? If I don’t have it, I can most likely get it. Gt is stupefiediv

I’m looking for weapons with “On ASE, gain 100% weapon damage” annoints.

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Sounds good, what’s your GT? I’ll send what I have your way when I get home from work.

Cool, I’ll do the same when I’m free. It might be tomorrow though, kinda busy today.
GT: D4RK W0LF 03

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I am interested in the following:

  • Vindicator Ghost/Ghast Call

And can offer this:

  • Shock/Fire Trevonator ASE 100

  • Hellshock ASE 100

  • Corrosiv Nemesis ASE 125

  • Shocking AAA ASE 125

  • Cryo/Shock Westergun ASE 125

  • Kinetic Ten Galleon ASE 125

  • Fire Super Shredifire ASE 125

  • Kinetic Rubys Wrath ASE 125

  • Roaring Reinforced Bear Trooper Class Mod

  • 25% Weapon Damage
  • 33% Weapon Heandling
  • 24% Weapon Magazine Size
  • Raid Ward
    20% shock resistence
    Anointed Guner - After exciting Iron Bear +75% shield/health for 25 seconds

I’ll take a queens call, either element. Let me know if i can trade anything. GT: yipikiya. Also got to say the best list of items to date on the forum, nice work.:+1:

I’ve seen some pretty nice lists as well, haha. I’m looking for an Icebreak artifact, or any ASE100 weapons. My GT is D4RK W0LF 03

Are you offering all that for the one grenade? Or am I supposed to pick one thing?

I’ll check when i get home, at work right now. Any weapon over an other preferred?

You can pick one or two things.

A fire butcher would be most desired. That, or a Maggie with 50% bonus cryo damage while SNTNL is active.

I’ll do the Westergun for the Ghast Call

I have several Ice Breaker artifacts. I cant get more specific when I get on. The linked webpage wont stay loaded for me.

Like the link to the list won’t stay open?

I have an ice break white elephant to trade. Will look at what else i have when im home

I’m more looking for an Ice Breaker Otto Idol or Victory Rush, but do you have a Maggie with 50% bonus cryo damage while SNTNL is active?

Unfortunately no