Stuff that needs fixed (Buffs, Nerfs, general stability and exploit fixes)

So this is my first topic here and I have balance concerns and exploits that need fixed before we get any true end game content so here goes nothing! We need more balance before a raid boss is added and they get killed with very little effort due to extremely OP or broken stuff!

1: Removal of crit swapping to prevent one shotting of bosses with the unforgiven and scourge on ANY character.

2: elemental projector artifact value needs to be lowered of given a caveat to where an enemy needs to inlflict the status to you for the elemental damage boost.

3: Moze needs a longer delay on her gernade regeneration so she is not invincible and trivializing the game. Or other changes could work as well as long as it does the same thing as another nerf. To compensate buff her iron bear and things are all good.

4: FL4K feels overtuned and needs his maximum crit damage bonuses atleast halved so he is not doing the insane damage he has been doing. While were at it how about further buffing his pet builds to where the crit build would be after the nerfs?

5: Amara needs her phazezerker class mod fixed so she has to hit a target for the effect to come into play. After that she is in a good spot and all her builda are still viable!

6: A way to remove the offline exploit and general invincibility or infinite damage glitches so cheese in the future does not happen! They patch the game for a reason and them nipping stuff in the butt before it gets to wode spread is how it is meant to be. People going offline for all that extra unintended loot and power should not be a thing they can do…

7: Zane buffs all around! He feels so weak compared to the others and I dont even mean when you take into account the busted stuff…

8: more bank space and general game fixes so the game is more enjoyable overall! Everyone could agree to this im sure…

At the end of the day I do like to feel powerful, I really do. But some stuff is way to good and needs toned down a lot before they can even begin to challenge us. Im sure I will get alot of hate for these opinions but alot of it is unintended and shouldnt of been here in the first place so nerfing stuff down is fair play! Either way what do you all think? Do you want to throw me off a bridge forbringing these broken things to light or do you agree with me? Please discuss what you want fixed and have a wonderful day.


you claiming more nerfs are necessary is hilarious. Wtf are you basing your claims on? watching youtube videos of graveward? lol even zane can kill graveward in under 5 seconds. calm yourself

The only things i agree with you is that zane needs buffs and bank space needs more slots

And, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you’re not “forbringing these broken things to light”. Have you looked at the forums at all before making this thread?

I’m genuinely not trying to be mean or rude, but these are topics in every thread on the forums…


“Fl4k is overtuned” LMAO. If half of Zane’s skills worked Fl4k would be one of the worse vault hunters.


Ive just seen alot of busted stuff that would make any challenge especially regardong raid bosses or UVHM in the future impossible unless its adressed. Your free to disagree with me of course but what will happen if the 1 shot builds and invincible builds arent dealt with stuff will be balanced around that. That will lower build diversity even more and that is a sin on its own if you ask me. Im all for build diversity but buffing stuff to all be as busted as 1 shot builds is not the way I want to see it go. All the fun of the game will be gone for many people and it’ll kill the longevity of the game…

Once again, stop judging the game based off of graveward videos. Graveward is easier to kill than a freaking annointed.

Moze isn’t invincible. Fl4K’s crit damage isn’t godly. Stop.


Then explain the circle of slaughter videos with Moze spamming gernades ane enemys not able to put a dent in her. And perhaps the FL4K issues are a multitude of things collodong into one broken mess but something needs to be done regardless. Crit swapping and the insane damage boosts of Elemental projector needs to be looked at as well. Being able to self damage in saftey and then nuke everything is not balanced whatsoever! Atleast if they had to trigger the proc on you then its power might be more warranted…

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i didn’t know this was a competitive game with race for world first raid clear. Dude, do you realize this is borderlands and not Destiny?

Also, don’t you think this game is almost impossible to balance? you’d have to pretty much remove 50% of all the legendaries, then make the rest boring af.

we have ■■■■ like transformer… a shield that removes the #1 weakness for shields and turn it into a benefit, oh and it absorbs 50% of the bullets and adds it into your magazine.

not the greatest example but the first thing that came to mind.


I agree it would be hard to balance for sure. But that does not mean we should leave things that are blatently broken like CSing and various exploits intact. Some stuff is meant to be difficult and if a super boss was infroduced in The games current state it would just be instantly melted like any other boss or people would use exploits to kill it efortlessly and get the best stuff in the game. They need to bring the tier zero stuff down to mortal levels and then they can maybe release some actually challenging content…

You honestly don’t even know what mayhem modifiers those videos have. FFS I can get +50% assault rifle damage +75% elemental damage and run around with 4 different assault rifles and clear circle of slaughter.

Fl4K’s crit build is burst damage, and honestly not even that strong. His crit build has almost no survivability. If you want to do well with FL4K, get hp % regen through the roof.

Every single character can faceroll anything in the game given the right gear and mayhem modifiers. Guess what? 99% of the players don’t have perfect gear, nor do they save quit 100 times to get the perfect mayhem modifier roll for a youtube video.

FFS stop judging based off youtube videos, they don’t show realistic gameplay for 99% of the population.

And guess what? the majority of players will NEVER have perfect gear because we have lives and don’t spend 200 hours farming for one legendary item.

When you make things incredibly hard you alienate everyone except the most hardcore players. Sorry, not all of us dream of joining MLG teams. Not like you could anyway, considering borderlands is not competitive -_-


it doesn’t matter if people do that though, because the game has no leaderboard, no competition - if you want to have a easy time with a raidboss, go a head or you could make it more challanging to not use glitches and exploits (which btw have been in the game since BL2)


But it can still be dkne though cant it? That fact alone is quite bad in my honest opinion. I get that some stuff will always be better but the current best is to far above what the other builds can do and need brought down a peg. Then once you buff the not so good stuff you suddenly have so many more viable options without breakong the game in half and it is better for everyone! People seem to like 1 shotting bosses I get that, but it is not glod for the health of the game or its longevity as people will get bored of that and just leave…

Lol so because some kid on youtube spends an hour rerolling mayhem 3 modifiers to get the perfect roll so they can make a youtube video, that means that the rest of us should suffer because facerolling can be done?


I agree with nearly everything said. Good write up. You must be a knowledgeable BL veteran or just have a good grasp of game mechanics in general.

Indo have a few additional things though:

I can’t comment in Fl3k as I haven’t played them but from what I’ve seen they do seem to have a surplus of Crit skills. However, I’m not intimate enough with their skills to comment.

Zane: his skills need to work like said or simply work period before anybody can suggest anything for him. Same with Amara to a degree. Her 99 stack bug needs fixed and her skills need to work as said before honest balance suggestions can be made.

As a Moze main, I agree she needs MiD balanced better. Also the recent nerf to MoD also applied to her weapon ammo regen and it shouldn’t have. That needs fixed. But yeah she needs a heavier nerf.

Also no need to worry about the offline stuff as it will be sorted out soon as people will have to come online for DLC and seasonal events.

Well said and this thread has my 100% support.

Wow, the character with an entire skill tree dedicated to crits, with a capstone crit skill, has too many skills revolving around crit damage!!! Could it be that FL4K was designed to have crit builds? Noooo. Impossible!

Maybe we should remove Amara’s melee skills too! She has too many elemental abilities and her character uses melee too much!!!


GBX seems to want to make sure those broken senarios dont happen this time around though if you look at all the nerfs so far. And yes their were absolutley broken things in BL2 which I tried and got sick of very quickly. Their is no challenge to it and you were not intended to beat the invincibles in the way most people did late in that games life. They could even make the rewards for killing then vastly better for everyone if you cant cheese and kill it in under a minute so people should want them to bring a real challege! It is better for them and the player if one shot/unkillable builds dont exist and that cannot be denied…

Yeah good idea more nerfs. Maybe look into those videos you watching. Most are players using save editors the have max guardian point every skill in all 3 trees. Other then graveward fl4k is next to useless. Moze and amara actually where classes should be in terms of power we are fighting story bosses ffs. I bet i killed bnker or the warrior faster then graveward in mediocre gear on the worst class(zero).

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The melee builds are far less broken and much more gear dependant. Also the elemental projector and crot swapping have alot to do with fl4ks power so if those get toned down and removed respectively everything will be more balanced and less of a cake walk. And its not like I suggested removing the build. It would still be plenty powerful and all, it would just take a few clips and actually going through atleast all of a bosses attacks once before the big bads got killed. I really dont get why people compare apples to oranges in This senarios… I never mentioned removal of builds after all. Only a change to bring an outlier down to mortal levels and keep the game interesting.

what does that even mean? i have played every borderlands game so far, and i can tell you with 100% certainty that it’s the most unbalanced game series i’ve even played and it’s still fantastic. you must have noticed that they’re doing balancing and scaling way different in this game than any prior right? if you’re concerned that it will end up as BL2 with OP levels i can almost garantuee you it will not. Enemies doesn’t do more damage to you on TVHM than they do on normal for example, so you are already half way there… theres no slag in this game, so theres no chance we’ll see enemy health bars 15x higher than yours to compensate.

there already are more viable options than just 1 per class… i’ve been doing M3 on 3 different characters now with quite honestly sub optimal weapons and far from min / maxed skill allocations. just because one build with a specific loadout can do something extremely well it doesn’t mean that everything is completely and utterly useless. everything sofar have been VIABLE, but obviously some things perform better than others. What is considered viable to you i wonder? and when is it not viable? the only thing i can think of right now honestly is iron bear, it can’t survive anything even if you spend all available skill points into iron bear

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What I can say is they sometimes save quit until they get good modifiers but not all the time to say the least. And when people farmed offlone and exploited the game to get to insane guardian ranks it doesnt help all all. That is a whole seperate issue of them needing to apply changes to offline mode as well though so their ks no more increased loot or XP glitch to be had however. And the all skills thing is a straight up lieand you know it, they always show the build and it has no signs of cuttong the vid to hide such things so your blatently lying on that one. BL2 was u doubatley busted as well I will agree with you on that. But that does not mean BL3 needs to follow in its footsteps and allow eztremely broken things to exist.

if i remember correctly most, if not all of the gear that made one shot invincibles a thing comes from a DLC. if they did not intend any it they would never have added so many good and quite obvious powerful things to begin with. Sandhawk with bee for example were probably as strong if not stronger than Conference call and bee before they changed it. if they need to constantly keep balance in mind from now on, then i can tell you right away the DLCs will have boring as hell new weapons and gear