✅Stuff they left outta bl3.❌ That was in previous games🔍 that you miss. Post it here

:boom:Hey Vault Hunter’s Borderlands 3 is a new game! Many of us feel borderlands 2 built on everything borderlands 1 had and CRANKED IT UP TO 11! :volcano: TPS ADDED ALOT OF COOL STUFF! :snowflake:

Thats not the case with borderlands 3.


So when i see a vault hunter say something they liked from previous titles that isnt here ill edit THE F@$# outta the OP! AND ADD IT HERE!

Now Borderlands 3 has added some cool New stuff such as sliding, anointments, climbing, Alternate fire modes. 3 different action skills for e vault hunters. Qol bank space, a collector for missed items and RADIATION! they have mayhem which has seen two iterations. More vehicle customization and parts.

But at the same time alot of stuff is missing!

MasterList of stuff missing.

Player story content:
Lines, interactions with main characters, comedic stories. Well done Wacky humor, Dark humor, originality. Adult humor. Bl2’s famed story lines.
Likeable characters vs new characters little to no interaction or reasons to like them;Quest with said characters. Interaction with old characters/screen time. Amount of story telling. More echo logs.
Mr Torgue’s words of wisdom and philosophy.
Memorable Side Quest.
Dr Zed.

Content: World Enviroment
Immortal Target dummy
Hidden Vault symbol hunting.
Enemies fighting eachother in random living world with Random enemy types and different experience in tvhm and normal campaign. You can see skags vs bandits in firestone or anywhere. Random rakks attacking.
Enemy Variety: bl2’s creatures majority missing
The whole World of Pandora. People like new stuff and to see how the old’s changed. Bl2 did it all to an extent. Firestone. No area felt dead in bl2.
Midget jump scare and iconic scream lacking
General map Variety and density.
Pandora had many varied areas in bl3 you only see a bland desert like wasteland. Each Planets areas mostly feel the same to an extent
General knox style driving areas with a reason to go through back and forth.
Reasons to revisit areas.
Quest adding new respawnable npcs for farming.

In bl2 we had the raid in digistruct peak and seraph/raid bosses such as the invicibles.
Son of Crawermax
Rakk hive like encounters.
Lengthy Boss battles
Op levels and system.
Tvhm boss world and enemy changes.

General difficulty. People are widely doing takedowns in minutes, doesnt feel much like a raid.
Encounters that felt difficult lenghty and rewarding

The badass rank system with almost hundreds of different challenges. some where secret and well hidden. it made you actually deal with them in order to move up in rank.

Melee Critcals
TPS slam felt impactful. Bl3 feels long and delayed only amara benefits without artifacts.
Dot stacking. Made elements never feel useless. Corrosive could be painfully long.
Combo effects.
Enemy resistance variance. Its rock paper sissors now. Blue ='s electricty/rad. Red=fire yellow= corrosive frost. Elemental effects played a larger roll in bl2/tps.
Explosion element/damage type
Slag. No one wants to feel forced to use Slag. But slag could do other things than weaken here.
Ppl wanna shoot purple crud at ppl!
All guns are like Maliwan guns now if elemental.
No kinetic with chance of elemental bullet/split damage.

Weapons and gear:
General unique Blues and purples were Viable in all levels of play.
Purples were Very viable. Coms/weapons sought after.
Quest item rewards were sought out.
Good performing Moxxi Guns in General
Weapons cards lacking Explosion symbol
Explosion element.
Removed gun types… (Hyperion pistols, Maliwan launchers, ect)
Maliwan guns not needing to be charged.
Tps Grinder.
E-tech style guns
General giant vladoff magsizes/mag sizes general are small like a modern fps. This is the future.
Coms with team benefits, ammo regen.

Player experience:
Co op doesnt feel the same.
Many forums on matchmaking not working out.

Game features:
Introsong with a kick ass video. Borderlands 1 had it, borderlands 2 had it. 3 is just press any button to start and then sign in and your character.

No more Iconic Borderlands intro song for 3.

Preferred Console Split screen option. Available in all previous games.
Xbox stability.
Text size issues. Easier to read. Size


Raids and Good coop experience.

2 of the things i love in BL2 that do not have in BL3

others on top of my mind right now:
Op levelling
Better Moxxi guns
cryo freezing is better in BLTPS.
enemy bosses do not have phases.
Blue and Purple Class Mods have uses in BL2, less in BL3.


I really wish that melee in BL3 could crit. D: I’m really baffled about why it can’t do this anymore???


raid bosses

Not raids/takedowns
Like all the invinsibles from bl2, or craw from bl1. I’m pretty sure thats what most of the community misses too.


Well written/likeable playable characters and major NPCs.
I think non-Zane VHs in BL3 have no/little likeable traits and/or charisma.

NPCs are also pretty awfully written in BL3, even those that were much more likeable in previous games. Ava is the product of this new style, and I hate it. Give me more BL1 Tannis, BL2 Tiny Tina, BL1 T.K Baha, Tales Scooter!

Overall I feel that a lot more can be done to spice up the playable characters so they’re not so damn bland. I would def. support getting the VAs record a few dozen new callouts and delete some old ones (I HATE that blood-letting line from Fl4k. I cringe every time).

Also characters like Lilith and Marcus were robbed of their previous charm (Lilith never really had much to begin with).

TLTR: I miss entertaining and likeable characters as PCs and NPCs.


Hours and hours of Co-op gameplay without getting blue screened
Character development and humor of BL2 was much better-God these pretzel’s suck
Vault’s that actually had Real Lootsplotions

Damn it Puppy you’re making me want to go back and play BL2…Lol just kidding but great to reminisce.My one wish BL3’s dynamic game play with BL2’s writing


Map variety and density.

Take a map like The Highlands : Overlook featuring Dave, there’s stalker areas, the huge thresher areas below the bridges, a mini-Under Pressure, the tower filled with bots, hidden chests, the windsock challenge, the failure to communicate challenge, a freaking double rainbow.

AND, Cult of the Vault symbol hunting.

Maps in BL3 are wonderfully ornate…and empty.


Vertical split screen that works. Because of this, basically have not even played the game and its just sitting there collecting dust


While the overal gameplay has been improved, it lacks the certain charm BL2 had.

You just took the words out of my mouth.

This is a personal preference but I would have loved more ECHO logs explaining where the other vault hunters are (Sal, where are you, buddy?).

Raid bosses, duh. (I’m a solo player but, I do apreciate their inclusion as long as they’re beatable solo)

Class mods: Class mod’s are way better in previous instalments.

Well said! :+1:

F**k yeah! I’d only pick a more hard hitting song (but i’m ok with any, as long as it fits the action on screen)


Sand pirates and their soundtrack :<
And as a side note
They totally missed to let us return to familiar places, which is a huge and powerful tool to make sequels good.
BL1 -> BL2: Firestone
Gothic 1 -> Gothic 2: the colony
Diablo: tristram
Monster hunter X: all known camps

There are no more showy mountains on Pandora, they just made copies of the dust instead of actually making the dust return
Not even to mention the highlands <3
Firestone and eridium blight

  1. Removed gun types… (Hyperion pistols, Maliwan launchers, ect)

  2. Maliwan guns not needing to be charged.


Extra playable characters.


Well written entertaining secondary quests. For instance,I don t how many times I did the statuesque quest where you destroy Handsome Jack statues in Opportunity just for the laugh of it. In Bl3 I avoid all secondary quests like plague except if I really want the reward


the badass rank system with almost hundreds of different challenges. some where secret and well hidden. it made you actually deal with them in order to move up in rank (instead of just by playing). besides that there were a whole pile of additional rewards to unlock at completion (now it’s only 6 overall).
it was an elementary part of the endgame as it made you dive even deeper into the world and get to know it after the end of the story.


Cryo in the Presequel was so much better than in Borderlands 3:

  • While frozen, enemies take from non-cryo weapons an additional +250% melee damage, +200% explosive damage, and +200% extra critical hit damage.
  • Cryo weapons against a frozen enemy deals +110% extra critical hit damage.
  • The critical hit bonus stacks with the bonus provided by a weapon additively.
  • Flying frozen enemies fall to the ground and shatter -> they are dead regardless of health.

In Borderlands 3, from all this only the melee damage bonus remains.

The Goliath system is very lackluster. The BL3 Goliaths seem to level up, but they die quickly and don’t seem to drop better loot.

The same goes for Varkids. I think I saw a Super Badass Varkid once, but the other forms above that are missing. Also, the loot does not seem to increase when a Varkid evolves.


Mine’s a bit more fundamental. I miss skill progression through increasingly hard campaign (and DLC) playthroughs. One playthrough to hit the level cap doesn’t do it for me.


I miss my xbox not constantly crashing.


The “B” Team hasn’t gotten much love from gearbox yet.
I would like to have more storry missions and side quests, Maybe even a DLC based around Brick, Mordecai and Tiny Tina.

Those characters are likeable, alive and we missed them during the main Campaign of bl3


Being able to sit more than 2 feet away from my tv and still able to read the text


Rewarding gear drops, meaningful legendaries.

They went all Diablo 3 loot style without the blood shards, the enchantress and the cube to aleviate the numbing grind. Gimme back the grinder and let me extract elements and anointement with it