Stuff to trade Item list updated 11/27

IGN: CloudedHalo0650
-0650 are number
Also looking for good cutpurse deathless (mag size weapon/grenade dmg ect) - ASE transformer - Good bloodletter (mag size/weapon dmg ect)

Stuff to trade: ( gonna add more to the list later )
Butcher 130% digi clone
Butcher 50% cryo terror
Butcher ASe 50% shock
Butcher Killing dmg/reload stack
Fire butcher ASE 100% gun dmg
Fire/Cryo laser-sploder
Fire/Cryo Lucians
Cash Brainstorm terror dmg/firerate
Subsidized Brainstorm ASE 20% rad
shock/Cryo mirv-tacular hex
Rad hex ASE 50% cryo
Cryo Lucian call slide anointed
Fire Lucian call 250% phasecast/300% Phaseslam
Fire cutsman ASE 50% cryo
Shock cutsman ASE 50% rad
Night Hawkin 250% phasecast/ASE 50% cryo
Rad Crossroad 130% digi clone
The duc 300% phaseslam
Rad/corro splooling pjectile recursion 300% Phaseslam
Flakker ASE 50% Rad
Ogre 125% dmg vs boss/badass
Nuck/annex Jericho
Cutpurse deathless (affix are not good) but that thing can be hard to find somthings :wink:

Got a bunch of different artifact no cuppurse deathless tho but if you need something else maybe I have it tho they might not have good rolls.

i have a cutpurse deathless with 40% mag size im looking for a shock everblast or a bloodletter class mod with health regen

Well am currently farming so if i get one of these thing i will hook you up

my gt is PixelCx send me a message i’ll be on in a bit and i’ll get you that deathless

Got a cutpurse deathless gifted to me yesterday, it doesn’t have great perk but it’s way better then not having one. Now i just need a shock tedior everblast++ and am good to start grinding m4 takedown

any other tediores or items ur looking for?

Well i would still need a fire and corro 1 but that not top prio since i got a cryo 1 already and the build pretty doesn’t work well without shock so :wink:

What do you need in exchange for this beauty

Any lucians with extra projectiles. Terror transformers. Shock proturb/shrieking devil. Zane/amara comms. New maliwan weapons with good annointments. Relics/artifacts depending on rolls. Digiclone dmg annoints. Or make an offer

the goodjuju with 50% cryo when terror good enough or you are not into terror build? donno if its what you mean be new maliwan weapon :wink:

Trying to see what else you have. Any of the new legendaries that are annointed (kyb, moonfire, etc.). Or any extra projectiles terror lucians

sadly no the only other thing I have from your list is the new amara com but with bad affix and a 300% phaseslam fire lucian but no extra projectile 1

Aight. Ill trade u for the brainstormer. But tomorrow. If you throw in the good juju i can give u a fire or corr one too.

Or any element really

well i just listed everything that might be worth something to someone that I have in the bank for now will add some other stuff when I get them.

Still down to trade for tediore? Still want ur good juju, will throw in another element same effects for the brainstormer with cryo anointment.

yh tho the brainstormer is a corro element not cryo :wink:

It’s ok. Still want it. What about the juju? Thats the main one i want

yup if you have a fire or corro everblast or good cutpurse deathless its go

I have all everblasts

Then shock and fire since I got a cryo one i got armor already cover what your ign