Stuff with Historic records

As the title says, there things than in my point of view are contradictions people are free to add several more contradictions accorded in the history of the previous games.

what i’ll noted in first place.

The taiidan sended a carrier to deploy the satellite beam cannon several years before the kushan as a whole constructed the mothership, that contradicts the part in the first game about the kushan and the encounter with the taiidan empire after kharak destruction.

The taiidan carrier and the ICS ¿if the taiidan know beforehand than the kushan would redevelop technology? then why let the kushan live. it ins’t supposed than taiidan wanted total destruction of their ancient enemy, ??¿¿

Possible ancient hiigaran ships, accorded in the cutscenes of the first game is than three Khar-toba class ships landed and only one of them have the better luck of that three, the other two maybe got destroyed in planetfall or something much worse happen to them, the question here is ¿Possible ancient hiigarans tracked where the rest of their population landed? or ¿They sended an rescue mission? if so that explain why the taiidan send a carrier and deploy the ion cannon satellite.

In DoK the part when Rachel say to us about the quantum waveform effect of the ancient hiigaran ships than are buried in the sand, she says so naturally, in the first game research of hyperspace was put in place when the kushan was constructing the mothership not before. not soo many years before, hmmm ??¿¿

Second the naabal the historic pdf of the first game tell us than when the naabal emerged from they reclusion they ended the heresy wars. and they have the most advanced tech of the time, the question here is, How the gaalsien develop technology than put in a better place against the naabal in the heresy wars, for me that is a contradiction, how can be than a fanatical and teological zealots can have advanced technology than they hate so much. ??¿¿

If more people want to add historic contradictions, You’re welcome.

The Taiidan were not after total destruction at the time. That was consequence for redeveloping hyperspace tech but, according to the Bentusi, the ancient Hiigaran were out of control with power and the Taiidan were just defending themselves. Deploying an ion satellite, while heavy handed, seems to be there to help the Kushan to not break the treaty since they have obviously lost all record of ever signing it in the first place.

The taiidan orbital gun was some sort of security measure the taiidani used to keep the kushan people in check in case they tried to get back to space some time. According to their treaty with the galactic council, they spared the hiigarans. They did not want to kill them. That is why kharak became off limits to space faring vessels!

I agree about the odd rachel reaction to hyperspace technology. The thing she is talking about is that some form of quantum waveform anomaly interfered with a group of ships messing up their hyper jump, causing them to “materialize inside kharak soil”. One does expect a science officer to know multi-hundred thousand ton ships do not simply “meterialize” anywhere. I expected a more shocked and in awe reaction rather then, “meh… this just happened!!”. I expected her to be blown away by the fact that this could mean FTL travel.

Also, I expected more shocked behavior by the kapisi crew… because, come on… we are finding Giant ancient star ships on our planet… there should be someone out there other than us… or , we are not alone kinda mentality.