Stuff you wish you could have video'd but didn't, so now you get to talk us thru it

Setting - TVHM Gaige, in her first run thru TTAoDK, equipped with a Black Hole and a Heartbreaker (those are important to know).

What happened - She’s right at the beginning of the upper platform of Dragon Keep, where all the wizards and skeletons and other uglies are and you go left to get to the Handsome Sorcerer. The first ugly sees her and the fight is on; within moments the shield breaks and triggers the singularity effect which drags everyone within range towards her, then the nova goes off and kills them while recharging the shield (thank you, BSS) and restoring her health to almost max (thank you, Heartbreaker). Now rinse and repeat those actions three, four, five times in the space of a few seconds (maybe 10 seconds, max)…she basically wiped that first area clean without firing a single shot other than the first one or two when it all began; all the work was done by the shield and the gun’s Moxxie healing.

I can still see all of this in my head as I write it…it’ll be one of those defining game moments for me. And I swear it’s all true.

Who’s next?