Stun stun stun knockup stun stun

Need diminishing returns for stun/knockup locking players because it’s a bit much in PvP now.

Between the thrall knockup and Alani’s Godstun, game is approaching the damn near unplayable event horizon.

Keeps people from running away. It does suck, but I feel it’s necessary.

Reduced CC time and strength following cc is pretty common.

I think in a game like this where team make-up can vary this should probably be added or cc resistance gear should get a buff from their paltry 10% - 20% reduction so people can actually use it to effect


“Alani’s godstun”? You mean the one with the huge telegraph? If Alani has the presence of mind and skill to drop that right when the Thrall knocks you into the air, so it can’t be avoided, then more power to them. If you just walked into it, be more careful next time.


Please, its’ not that big of a telegraph.

If we had a 3rd person view of the game, then ya it’s your fault. In a FPS game? Not so much if they actually stick it under you. Not hard to get it to hit at all, plus you can combo it with your wave slow to make it easier to land or ANYONE elses CC.

Plus that is the longest knockup/lockdown ever. 1 second is not accurate. You are in the bubble itself for one second maybe, but the entire duration that you are not in control of your character? Much closer to 3 seconds.

I do agree it seems long, but it is way easier to avoid than most stuns.


It doesn’t seem, it IS long and it’s not hard to land in a CC chain which you know, is a MOBA thing to do.

Diminish returns needs to come into play ORRRRR they can buff the CC% reduction stats by a lot because currently they are garbage.

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No argument there. They could double the existing numbers easily. I also think the Hate Reflector legendary special should be a guaranteed reflect with a long cooldown.


I also think certain moves like orendi’s nullify should break cc or at least have that option in the helix.

Oh you mean the thing that only “binds” you for 1 second then you are free to get away? Get real that is worse than a normal stun because while you’re in the air what Melee character is going to hit you or think to even hit you? Its not like you get slowed when the binding is over either.

If a team is able to chain CCs to get kills they should be fully allowed and applauded for working as a team. Best course of action is to do the exact same thing. In a game with a high TTK the more I can force my opponent into a battle the better chance I have at winning the battle.

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Current CC reduction items need to be drastically buffed if we want to go down the old and tired CC is king route.

Unless you want to end up like old school WoW Arena matches?

Also I have no idea what you’re talking about, I can hit binded characters with Dragon and Rath soooo…not really an issue. Maybe Kelvins midget arms can’t reach? Haha

I’ve had many matches where Melee character either didn’t notice or didn’t care about the players that got binded in the air. I only assumed they couldn’t reach. I guess that’s a fault on my end.

But to be fair the binding is only 1 second and hardly can be called a god stun because you would have to be very quick to kill someone in 1 second.

The problem is it’s tacking on 1 second to a skill that already basically removes your control for two seconds. One second up, one second down on knockups. For ranged characters knockups aren’t quite as bad usually since you can attack at range but for melee characters this is a death sentence.

Suddenly you’re making it 3 seconds total of control loss and lifting you up for all to aim at outside the protection of creeps/friendlies soaking up shots. It really sucks sometimes haha.

While I do agree it sucks the skill also has a learning curve to use (Less so if you get the eruption reduction) and I feel it should be rewarded somewhat for managing to get that to hit.

Comparing it to Ghalts Hook or Galileas Shield Throw i do believe Alani has the hardest time landing her Geyser based on the fact you have to predict movements on that skill more than any other skill in the game (Aside from Ambra Ult.)

I don’t know, I’m just of the firm opinion that in games with low TTK on average and in PvP in general that 3 second disables should not be allowed at all. People want to play the game, not watch their screen helplessly.

Nothing should be longer than 1.5 seconds on a stun imo. 2 seconds, maybe 2.5 if it’s an ult ability.

I guess this would be nothing but a back and forth battle but I can totally see your point.

Maybe changes could be made if enough people feel the same as you do who knows, but personally I couldn’t care either way because a CC is a CC to me. Anyways have a good time.

Like I said I’d be ok with 3 second stuns and the like if the CC reduction gear wasn’t so awful. I have no problem running PvP oriented gear to PvP…as long as it’s worth it haha.

Now that you mention it I can’t recall a time where I ever looked at a CC reduction item and thought “Man this is awesome.”

I totally agree with CC Items needing a buff to make them worthwhile. Either turn up their stats, or reduce the average shard cost of the CC reduction affix, so one could actually afford it to take CC reduction as a secondary item stat.

As for Alani’s stun, I’d like to compare it to Orendi’s Shadowfire Pillars. Both have a huge effect (CC and burst damage, respectively), if placed correctly. But both can be evaded through movement alone, if you’re aware of your surroundings.

Gave you a like for that line alone. :heart:
Some people seem to forget that chaining CC and getting a quick kill only allows to pick out enemies one at a time. So the greatest threat has to get priority. Not only does this require good team communication, but a deeper understanding of the enemy team setup. Totally legit strategy, if you ask me.

Nice to see I’m not alone on this issue :grinning:

CC items need to be buffed over and over until they reach a point where people actually pick them, whatever that number happens to be. Nobody cares at the moment if an item can reduce a 1 second stun to a 0.93 second stun. I’d say start with 45%.

And the real issue with Alani, you can call it a 1 second stun and the stun “component” may really be 1 second… BUT you get knocked up in the air for ~1 second, actually stunned for ~1 second, then fall to the ground for ~1 second, eating teamshot damage and wave attacks the whole time. If you are not in control of your character in any sense of the word for 3 seconds, then you are basically stunned for 3 seconds whether it’s called a stun or not.

Not to mention you are telegraphed for teamshot damage while hanging in that bubble.

Not even going to whine for nerfs here, because Alani is the new babygirl on board, but between her, the thralls and everything else you spend waay too much time not playing and instead eating doritos while you are Cc chained.