Stupid/crazy idea to help me restore my enjoyment of the game

I stayed off the forums for a bit, just so a stray comment wouldn’t piss me off over the writing, build nerfs, and other spoilerific stuff. So far, so good.

Anyway, my enjoyment of BL3 has started to wane, and it hasn’t even been one month since release. This is after clearing the normal playthrough, reaching level 50, playing around on Mayhem 3, almost reaching platinum achievement, and filling up both the bank and individual inventory with legendaries (and selling a couple dozen others). The game is actually smaller than previous games in terms of the number of missions. And the early flood of legendary gear pretty much spoiled us when it comes to farming, particularly when comparing it to previous games. Hell, I really hated finding a new legendary because I literally didn’t have room for it. I had to give up something equally rare and valuable just to pick the damn thing up. So I decided on something drastic and irrevocable.

I sold all my gear, both in personal inventory and the bank. I reset TVHM, and starting anew. Too late, I already did it. I’m going to try to play the game in a way that previous games were meant to be played.

But Teo, couldn’t you just have created a new character?

Yeah, I could have, but it wouldn’t have been as drastic, nor as stupid. Plus, it wouldn’t have solved my bank storage problem. Sure, I’ll probably hit up Mayhem 3 again once I get to that point, and I’ll deal with the legendary stockpile when that occurs, but hopefully, it will be slower progress than it initially was.


I applaud you, sir.

Fewer missions? It certainly felt like more. I’m pretty sure it took me longer to do them.

Borderlands 2 - 268 missions (including DLC)

Borderlands 1 - 216 missions (including DLC)

Borderlands TPS - 105 missions (including DLC)

Borderlands 3 - currently 96 missions (24 main, 72 side)

They FEEL longer because they are artificially long. The vast majority of BL3 missions (side AND main) are, “Go to these 4-6 widely spread out all over this big map locations, fight some stuff and gather an item or items at each location, kill a final thing (sometimes), then return to mission sender”.



109 missions in bl2 without dlc.
I think what 3 is really missing are those short side quests that have you pretty much running around for a minute listening to dialogue and fetching items. We got the tannis syringe quest, and that was really it.

The DLCs add 159 missions?!?

Good lord!

nose bleeds, faints

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Yeah they were all beefy on side quests. +15 from headhunters and the creature slaughter dome. Bl2 in general was huge

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For myself is been a while, so I can’t speak for BL2… However in BL1 a lot of it seemed to be collecting echo logs. I’m glad they didn’t get rid of them but also glad they’re not necessary for completion because I’m good just hearing them on the one character.

Also in BL1 collecting weapon parts for a reward, that was annoying but rewarding even if the guns weren’t worth replacing my laodout



To be fair, I’m not saying I would want BL3 missions to be shorter!

And most missions in every Borderlands title are set up the way I described, when I think about it.

Give gearbox time I’m sure this game will become huge. More planets are sure to come!


Also, there are the Challenges which are essentially mini missions complete with rewards.

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Probably the correct decision for yourself. I can relate /cheers

Did i really just see people comparing the lenght of games with full dlcs and events with a new game that didn’t even get to have his FIRST event, let alone the FIRST dlc?



Me personally I DID in fact expect Borderlands 3 to be bigger then the previous games. And to be fair most people who complain about BL3s qualities make the “without DLCs yet” addition but its still good to have and make comparisons.

No doubt when the first DLC for BL3 hits there will be more and they ll be more accurate. If you dislike these topics trying to shut em down probably is the wrong move when all people do is “talk” really.

A base game should ve all the required things in it already to provide fun and entertainment.

“please guys buy our FULL PRIZE base game, it ll suck without DLCs which will come at a later point for FULL PRIZE again” is that what you are saying here?

Because I dont agree at all but I might be entitled, expecting to actually get a finished and completed game for 60 bucks…I dont know

edit: BL3 is not a reinvention. The devs are not doing anything new here. They had 3 other games to build on. And they took their sweet time for this part as well. Time and experience “should” IMO yield a better result then this…its what I expect from any expert that I pay money to


Nha, nha, nha.
Don’t twist my comment as you please.

BL3 is a big game with a whole lot of bosses and a whole lot of weapons.

Comparing a new game without events or dlcs with games that are done and filled with dlcs just doesn’t make any sense.

Did you really thought that GBX whould’ve made a game with the same or even more ammount of missions as their previous games counting all the quests from the dlcs? really?

It’s not like they used 7 years to make only BL3, you know?
they did other games too.

Gearbox =/= Just Borderlands.


yes I did, my bad I guess but I refuse to see myself in error here. I rather expect more then be satisfied with mediocrity as you obviously are. I was expecting more for 60 dollars from a company that invented this brands success and grew on it over the years.

I played BL2 without any DLCs at first and my current opinion is that BL3 isnt superior then BL2…and it SHOULD be. If you take DLCs into account its not even a question anymore.


BL2 had 109 quests in total.

BL3 has 96 quests.

13 quests makes you think that the game is inferior?

The game is far from being “mediocre”.
Maybe if we talk about the problems the game is having? sure, i’ll agree with that.
But storywise? Nha.

BL3 has a way more interesting story with mutch more lore that BL2 had.

I think that your problem is that you over-hyped yourself thinking that just because the bl2 had so many quests and time to devlop those quests and added storylines BL3 had to do that better without nothing. being just a vanilla game with no dlcs and no events.
That’s factually wrong.

You can’t pretend to have the amount of a full game with 5 dlcs + events in a new, vanilla game for just 60 dollars.


That’s pretty awesome.

I don’t think anyone said they expected bl3 to have more content than bl2 in it’s entirety. That would be frankly ridiculous.
Consider that just the dlc from bl2 is almost double what bl3 has right now. 96 is a lot of missions, but this game was advertised as being the biggest borderlands yet. So far that is clearly not the case, and it’s not really fair to say people are being unreasonable for pointing out that fact.


I can totally agree on that.

My original comment was about the guy that said that bl3 isn’t good because previous borderlands has more quests.
Like…d’uh? the other games of the series had time, dlcs and events.

And tbh this is why i always don’t listen to what devs actually say.
BL3 has 13 quests less, okay that’s not a big of a problem to me.
especially for the amount of lore we got from this game.