Stupid Farming Question

I recently started a new character, and I’m at lvl 24 right now. I figured I would go back and farm Gigamimnd at my new level but he stays at lvl 12 which is where I was when I first beat him.

Do I have to play through the entire story before he resets to my current level?

I would hate that.

I really want to farm for some Legionaries to use along the way at my current level.

This would be correct; to make them match your level you have to set a mayhem level, which can only be done after finishing the story.


Farm more recently defeated bosses since they will be close to your level. Hammerlock hunts and Zer0 targets scale to your level as well. Golden chest can give some legendaries too in BL3, and they will be on level.

Others will also tell you that farming during first playthrough is not necessary, since progression is relatively easy and you will outgrow them anyway.

Farm demoskaggens - they are always at your level and can drop Night Hawkin, and Lavender Crawley (both found in the droughts)

You’re wasting your time farming. You will get plenty of drops along the way.

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The Rare spawns, Zero’s targets and Hammerlock’s hunts will spawn at your level anytime. The bosses will only spawn at your level on mayhem after you finish the story line.

Good info… Thanx.

At least I can farm a little before ending.

why would you want to farm anything at lower than max level ? That’s really counter productive.

I could see some appeal in it: you get more ‘oranges’, and you will have more chances to play with cool guns during the story.

It’s not strictly needed, but can be fun for some.


During the story line, I farm for a new Night Hawkin about every 3 levels. I also farm Skeksils and Westerguns (for Katagawa Ball) prior to finishing the story line. There’s nothing wrong with it.

seems like a huge waste of time, but hey video games are a huge waste of time. Although since I am going to waste my time I can’t imagine wasting it farming low level gear and guns that will be worthless a few levels from now that I am only gonna refarm at level 53. I guess I can kinda see the merit in future playthroughs I guess, but really the basic gear you find is more than fine to make it through the story.

But hey, feel free to waste your time how ever you want to.

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Farming demoskaggens for an on level night Hawkin takes maybe 5 minutes - they literally drop every other run, not that much of a pain to do every few levels (they remain useable for at least 3 levels) or just have fun and use what drops along the way - I generally do a mixture of both.

In fairness, another reason to farm (pre-Mayhem) is for XP if you think you are under-leveled and don’t want to do side quests. The gear gained this way can be thought of as a bonus. This does of course have diminishing returns against bosses (but, as mentioned by others, not against Zer0/Hammerlock/rare-spawn targets).

Don’t overdo it, because you’ll eventually get to the point where it will be better to get on with the story and get to Mayhem where the XP and gear is better.